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Sometimes you may want to ask yourself that what if you are able to allow your users are able to send you error corrections from within your post. We have been using comments but sometimes comments are not a great way to pin point where the real problem.

With so much room for improvement I am offering this one of its kind plugin that you can use to make parts of your post up for corrections and make them available to your blog readers. It will increase their interaction with your blog post and they will feel better about their contributions.

Put it this way, the paragraph below is something that you can temporarily modify and send me your corrected version.


Well I don’t want to brag about anything but one thing is sure that I am an Idiot and do so mani radm thingies.


So when you hover on the above element you will get an indication that you are able to interact with the above line and send me a better version of above. An email will be sent to me immediately notifying me with the following

  1. URL of the post
  2. Old content
  3. New modified content

If I like the new corrected content then I can just search for old content within the post and replace old content with new one with any required modifications if required.

And you are able to thank user about their input.


The options page is shown below for the plugin

Wp Errata

Options page for WP Errata


Here is a screenshot for actual usage within the post


Recommendation and usage

If you want to make part of your post to accept corrections then your content should be directly under container with css class jcedit


I am correctable


Please note that at this point custom styles within the container are not preserved so once user cancels or send a correction any associated styles will be lost for the correctable containers.

In other words something like this is not recommended



This plugin should work if contenteditable is supported by your browser. This plugins has been tested on latest version for the following browsers including IE9 and IE10



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You can choose your own amount. Developing plugin like these toke a lot of effort and time; days and weeks of continuous voluntary unpaid work.
If you like this plugin or if you are using it for commercial websites, please consider a donation to the author to
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Powered by

This wordpress plugin is powered by the jQuery plugin that I wrote called jcedit that can be used to make any DOM container editable. Just search my blog for jcedit and you shall find it. Code is hosted on Google Code



1. Upload unzipped plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or just search for it on wordpress.org and do an auto install
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Use the “WP Errata” Options under settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you be adding more to it?
    I may soon be writing a PRO version of this plugin. There is so much room for improvement. Leave your comments here to features your would like to see http://jaspreetchahal.org/wordpress-errata-plugin. Question is would you be interested and if yes then what would you like to see in PRO?


* Initial Release

I hope that this plugin does some good to you.


Here is a quick video that you can watch to know a little bit more about it. I have kept things simple to start with but there is so much room to improve, both from admin and user point of view

Video coming soon…

Where can you get it



I hope that this helps

If you have anything to say please let me know by leaving your comments. This plugin is not a replacement for comments but its just my brain that thinks that It may increase interactivity. So from this post onwards I will be using it more often.




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