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A couple of week back I wrote a jQuery plugin to embed custom youtube channel on your webpage. I thought it would be good to do a wordpress plugin too to the same. Thus I began this plugin. Now because I’ve already done few wordpress plugins thus development of this one was a breeze because I already have the jQuery plugin code that I developed and I already have the functions that I wish to use.

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  • Seamless channel or playlist embed to any WordPress post with Youtube API v3
  • 6 Months Free email support with Single Site License
  • 1 Year Free email support with Unlimited Site License
  • And much more

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Plugin name

I named this plugin as jcwp youtube channel embed , I thought its a good name 🙂 I am still obsessed putting jc somehow in the plugin name

Lets check what the options screen looks like


A screen shot of the

Options page

jcwp youtube channel embed plugin options

thumbnails mode

Plugin thumbnails mode


Lightboxed video when  thumbnail is clicked

thumbnail clicked


List mode

Youtube plugin list mode



There are many other options you can control how your videos are displayed. I’ve intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin.


  • Channel mode This tells the plugin how to render the videos. Thumbnail mode will display static images for your videos and when user clicks on it video lightbox will be shown
  • Channel name : This will be the channel name which you wish to include
  • Maximum results Number of videos to display
  • Start Index  Pointer from where the videos should be shown. Handy, if you want to show videos from a given position
  • Filter by keyword Look for keyword in the video title and filter the results
  • Thumbnail width For thumbnail mode
  • Video width Target width of the video
  • Show video title Would you like to include video titles as captions
  • Embed using Either use IFrame  or old object Object embeds. I recommend you to use IFrame
  • Sort by How do you want your videos to be sorted
  • Include invisible ‘Content protected by’ link: Please check this checkbox. This is one way of supporting my blog and me.

Tested on

  • Browsers: IE9, FF13, Chrome 20, Safari
  • WordPress 3.4.1



  • Submitted to wordpress
  • Settings page added




This is important bit. I generally fund my own stuff only except my Tea and Coke. So if you are interested donating a penny for my work. Consider donations! I don’t get many because generally people skip this part and go directly to downloads 🙂 but its always worth asking.

Buy me a bottle of Ice Tea 🙂

$ 190.00 raised.
Choose donation amount:



Its really simple to install this plugin, here are the steps that you need to follow

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Under Search, type in “jcwp youtube channel embed”.
  3. WordPress will now show a popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install my Plugin.
  4. If this is the first time you’ve installed a WordPress Plugin, enter the FTP login credential information. If you’ve installed a Plugin before, you will still need to have the login information.
  5. Click Proceed to continue with the installation. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or failed.
  6. If successful in installation, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.
  7. Settings are available from Settings menu on the left and under jcwp youtube channel embed

From the zip file downloaded form this page

I do not offer any more downloads because of the bandwidth cost that I was billed for in the past. All past downloads are still available but you can always get the latest version from wordpress.org


This plugin can be improved a bit. You can make a small donation that will keep my blood warm so that I won’t stop working on my WordPress plugins.

Where can I get it



  1. Will you add more features on demands
    Yes! when I get some time
  2. How can I edit styles myself
    Please look for jcYoutubeChannelEmbedd.css file under css folder


This plugin use prettyPhoto jQuery plugin for thumbnails mode

I hope that this plugin will be helpful to you in some form.




Demo My youtube Channel in thumbnail mode



  1. Willing to buy you multiple cups of coffee for the ability to display the video description under the titles!

    • Hi Joshua,

      Sorry for a late reply. Descriptions can be added, no doubt about that. Will release an update this weekend. Regarding cups of coffee, yeah they help 🙂


  2. Hi Jas. Uploaded and installed. All working beautifully! Wanted to donate but the button isn’t working! Shall I buy the Pro version instead?… I’m unlikely to need any support 🙂
    Thanks again

    • Glad its working again for you mate. 🙂 yeah there is hardly any difference between pro other than few more options, its upto you mate if you would like to purchase it, every cent helps keeping this blog and other free stuff I do for community going… cheers for your thoughtful consideration for donation. I’ve fixed the donate button too, so please kindly give it a try else buy a PRO to help further development of this free plugin. thanks heaps

  3. Thanks for your help Nims for your testing. I’ve pushed an update to wordpress.org, however seems like plugin is closed by wordpress for some reason. Just contacted plugins@wordpress.org to see whats going on. Version 2.0.0 will be available soon.. [hopefully]

  4. Anyone for beta test this plugin with Youtube API v3 update?? Need 2 people with WordPress version 4.2. Send if interested using contact me page. An update will be available soon. Just ended up testing on WP 3.x and WP 4.2.

  5. This plugin doesn’t seem to be working any longer. Look at “DEMO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN THUMBNAIL MODE” above. I’m getting the same error. It seems that youtube doesn’t allow you to look it up via the Channel Name. I would love to find a fix if anyone knows otherwise I’m going to have to find another solution. Here’s the WordPress thread about it https://goo.gl/nvkf9R

    • I will spend some time this weekend. YT deprecated APIv2 and plugin has to start using current APIv3. Let’s see if I can get through a fix this weekend.


      • Thanks that would be great because I’m about to have to replace this plugin but I can’t find anything else that is quite the same as your plugin.

      • any news about this? Could you find a solution?

        • Sorry to bother – but was wondering about an update as well? I have several sites using the plugin and will have to start looking for alternatives…

          • Mate, an update is almost ready. I am working on 3 different projects atm. Finding time without funding is problematic sometimes. However just finished and testing an update that work with Youtube V3. See my latest comment on this post. If you have found an alternative, please disregard this comment.


  6. I want to add this to the sidebar as a widget. How can i do this?

  7. Hi there,

    I really liked the plugin you’ve created. Just had a quick question. When laying out the videos as thumbnails and selecting a specific video with prettyphoto in use, there is no option for the user to make the video full-screen from the pretty-photo section? It only has the YouTube icon. I would like to have visitors watch it full-screen on my website instead of moving to YouTube. Please let me know if this is possible.


  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your plugin!

    I think there is a typo in jcwp-youtube-channel-embed (line 117): $embedtype should be $embedType.

  9. Hi Giovanni, Your plugin seems to be one of the few channel displays for WP that actually functions with WP 3.9 (believe me, I’ve tried a bunch). But I need to be able to disable YouTube’s related videos that come up at the end of a video. Can you help? Thanks in advance.

  10. keyword filter is now propely working. why?

  11. I am now getting a new error that was never there before: Notice: Undefined variable: embedtype in /home3/banana29/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jcwp-youtube-channel-embed/jcwp-youtube-channel-embed.php on line 117

    Can you help?

  12. Hi,
    I have a problem with any of the major browsers. Once I click on any of the videos, the shadow box opens the video at the bottom of the page so I can’t even click on the video since only part of it shows at the bottom. Can you help me fixing this?

  13. I there a way to turn off related videos (?rel=0)

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  14. hi – really like your plugin. Great job.

    I’d like to know if it is possible to exclude some videos based on a keyword. I’m trying to show a list of band videos on my site but don’t want to show the live versions. Was wondering if it is possible to exclude some videos from a channel / user by using the filter shortcode to look for a word and not include those ones….

    Is that possible?

  15. hello i’m using your plugin.thanks.
    i have a one question.how can i embed playlist(youtube)
    i think this plugin could embed just channel name.

  16. Nice plugin, exactly what I was looking for !

    Expect one thing, missing calling php function to call directly the plugin in template page :/

  17. Hi!
    Great plugin.. work’s fine!
    But when is active i DON’T have the possibility to add pages on my menu… if deactivate it all work again…
    any suggestion?

  18. Hey, I absolutely LOVE your plugin. There is one tiny problem with it on my website though so I can’t enjoy it fully. I don’t want to look for any other plugin cause you really hit the spot with this one, but I need the problem to be fixed though. I’m hoping you could help.

    Basically, I chose the thumbnail option. It shows well on the page and when I click on one, there is an attempt for the lighbox to open but then it closes and takes me to an error page. If I click the back button though, it opens the videos fine. Weird.

    any idea what the problem would be?


    • ignore my message, except for the part about this plugin to be great.
      The problem was coming from my theme. I changed it and now no problem.

  19. hi, i have use jcwp youtube shortcode on my page entitle “video” in this ppmisudan.com/wj/video/ , i had worked several days ago, but now it just show an empty page, and i don’t know what happen, why it doesn’t appear on my page, i have made subdomain to test it but it have same result, i’ve changed my theme (to ensure that is it problem in my theme) but it also have same thing, could you please explain what should i do and what is the issue? thanks 🙂

    • From Chrome logs I see some javascript errors regarding your superfish menu.
      That could be the reason. Fix that first I guess. Deactivate any recently added plugins to see if some plugins is not playing well with WPYTCE plugin. see if that helps

  20. Kenny Eliason says

    So the thumbnails were pulling the wrong image from YouTube, it was set to pull the 1st option [1] no matter what was selected on the YouTubechannel. By updating the data that it was pulling to [0] it then pulls the correct thumbnail image (in high quality i might add). It’s on line 106 of the jcorgYoutubeUserChannelEmbed.js file. Here’s how the line SHOULD read:

    vidThumb= (entry ? entry.media$group.media$thumbnail[0].url : ”);


  21. Hi Jaspreet, and thanks for a great plugin. I want to insert multiple shortcodes on the same page each pulling videos with different keywords, and I want a little category header between each group, but when I do this it lumps all of the text from the whole page at the top and puts all video groups below, is there a way I can get around that?

  22. I love this plugin, I spent ages trying to find something like this and testing a load of ones that didn’t really do what I wanted.


    My criteria was that it had to work well on my iphone and ipad since I am now creating all my new sites on responsive themes. I like using it in thumbnail mode to create filtered playlists from my favourite YouTube Channels

    This plugin works well except for a slight issue with the lightbox on the iphone. It’s showing very small. It works Ok when you click to play it. Is there a way to disable the lightbox view for thumbnails? or make it more mobile friendly.

    Another issue is when I have multiple lists of thumbnails on the same page. It calls to YouTube and then loads the first list that it comes back with, not necessarily in the order that I wanted on the page.

    So if I am doing different keyword searches or want to show a list of the latest videos followed by a list of the most popular. It doesn’t display them in the order I want.

    YouTube only allows a maximum of 50 videos per API call so if you have a channel that has more videos you need to use more than one list and just change the start index to continue from 51, 101, 151 etc

    thanks for the great work

  23. Hi,
    This is a fantastic plugin. Thanks so much! One question, though: Is it possible to remove the blurry look that the video thumbnails have?

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks! and your feedback is well appreciated. I’ve noted down this as a feature request and will do something about it in next version. Identified the issue, shall work on the fix soon.

  24. Nice plugin!

    A couple of suggestions/wants… It would be nice to play a “playlist” and display descriptions!


  25. Great portlet.
    Do you think it would be possible to add a feature to disable related videos? Depending on how you pull the YouTube URL, you can simply add a ?rel=0 to the end of the URL.

    I’m not good at JQuery, so I’m not sure how you’re pulling the YouTube video URL, but it seems like you pull it in jcorgYoutubeUserChannel.js. I tried adding ?rel=0 to the if vidID.substr methods, but it didn’t seem to work.

    What do you think? Would this be a feasible feature?

  26. When I close out of my “lightbox” youtube video I get a 404 error.
    Any ideas?


  27. great plugin! the issue I am facing though is that in windows explorer 9 all the css breaks. for thumbnail list and the playlist both. either option has no styling. Any ideas on a fix?

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      I’ve got a demo section at the end of this post. Try loading this page in IE9 to try out the demo. I just tested in IE10, IE9 and IE8 and it works without any problems. It is possible that some other plugin you’ve got is interfering with the styles.
      I could’ve looked at your site but the project I am working on has left me with very tight timeline.
      If you have any pointers please do share.

  28. this plugin is just amazing. i am using it to show the latest video from my channel on my website. i want just 1 video there and i want it to AUTOPLAY. i dont think i can do this atm coz u have disabled autoplay.
    please find a solution for this asap

  29. Is there a way to show unlisted clips also? They’re not showing now, which perhaps is logic in most cases – but in some cases it could be useful?

    Thanks again.

  30. Gregg Richter says

    Nevermind, answered my own question and found that if I manually enter in ‘thumbnails’ (all lower case) it works. Still can’t get the shortcode generator button to put anything in there other than ‘list’. Either it’s working now. If my client likes it, I’ll definitely be donating. Thanks!

    • Hi Gregg,
      I can reproduce the stated issue, I’ve released version 1.2 of this plugin. Make sure that you Hard refresh your browser (CTRL+F5).
      Hopefully your client likes it because every penny donated counts and help me recover my server cost.
      Cheers mate,

  31. Gregg Richter says

    Great plug in. However, can’t get it to switch between list and thumbnail mode. When I save the settings and update the short code, it always just says ‘list’. Tried manually editing it to ‘thumb’ thumbnail and thumbnails but no luck.


  32. Great plugin, but the keyword filter doesn’t seem to work – no matter what I enter in that field, no videos appear. Or am I just doing it wrong?

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