WordPress Youtube Channel Embed Plugin – A Pro Edition


You must have been using the Free edition of this plugin and wanted to upgrade to PRO version, that’s what brought you here on this page. PRO version’s biggest advantage is personal email support and guaranteed 48-72 hours reply. You get free support for 6 months and free upgrade for 12 months.

Plugin name

I named this plugin as jcwp youtube channel embed pro,

Lets check what this plugin has to offer.


A screen shot of the

Options page



Thumbnails mode

Much sharper and clean thumbnails with hover effect.



Lightboxed video when  thumbnail is clicked


You have all control on specifying the borders, border colors, overlay color etc. Above is just an example. The real result depends on how you want to make it look.

List mode

Youtube plugin list mode



There are many other options you can control how your videos are displayed. I’ve intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin.


  • Channel mode This tells the plugin how to render the videos. Thumbnail mode will display static images for your videos and when user clicks on it video lightbox will be shown
  • Channel name : This will be the channel name which you wish to include
  • Maximum results Number of videos to display
  • [not supported anymore] Start Index  Pointer from where the videos should be shown. Handy, if you want to show videos from a given position
  • Filter by keyword Look for keyword in the video title and filter the resultsImportant: This has been replaced by filter by Videos
  • Thumbnail width For thumbnail mode
  • Video width Target width of the video
  • Show video title Would you like to include video titles as captions
  • Embed using Either use IFrame  or old object Object embeds. I recommend you to use IFrame
  • Sort by How do you want your videos to be sorted
  • autoPlay: set videos to auto play when in thumbnail mode. Video will auto play once a light box is shown

Theme options

As shown in the screenshot below


Colorbox Option settings

As shown in the screen shot, you can manage many options related to Lightbox


And you also have license manager where you can activate deactivate a license.

Tested on

  • Browsers: IE9, FF13, Chrome 20, Safari
  • WordPress 3.5.1+


v3.0 (June 2015)

  • Support for Youtube API Version 3+

v2.0 (February 2013)

  • Initial release

v2.1 (April 2013)

  1. New: added lighbox settings page
  2. New: added lightbox look and feel settings page
  3. Improved thumbnail mode
  4. New: added autoplay feature for thumbnail mode
  5. New: Added auto upgrades for future releases



Its really simple to install this plugin, here are the steps that you need to follow

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Under Search, type in “jcwp youtube channel embed”.
  3. WordPress will now show a popup window will ask you to confirm your wish to install my Plugin.
  4. If this is the first time you’ve installed a WordPress Plugin, enter the FTP login credential information. If you’ve installed a Plugin before, you will still need to have the login information.
  5. Click Proceed to continue with the installation. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or failed.
  6. If successful in installation, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.
  7. Settings are available from Settings menu on the left and under jcwp youtube channel embed

From the zip file downloaded from the purchase

I do not offer any more downloads because of the bandwidth cost that I was billed for in the past. All past downloads are still available but you can always get the latest version from wordpress.org


Pro $14.99 $29 

  • You can use it on any 1 Sites Owned by you 
  • Support Via Contact Me
  • Includes all features
  • Unlimited Shortcodes

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Remove Free version of plugin, that means deleting all plugin files
  2. Install this plugin as per you normally do and enjoy



  1. Will you add more features on demands
    Yes! If they are feasible and attractive for others


This plugin use Colorbox  jQuery plugin for thumbnails mode

I hope that this plugin will be helpful to you in some form.





  1. Playa Giron says


    great plugin:
    Only thing I noted is that the full screen button does not work. insetad it tells that it is not available since somehow it got disabled byu the site.
    Other websites work though so must be aplugin issue.
    ANy chance the full scerrn functionality could work with this plugin?
    Thanks so much!

  2. playa Giron says

    is there a chance it is going to work with api v3 or not so easy? would be good to know, thanks!

    • Working on it. Possible release in 1st week of June.


      • playa Giron says

        Good to here. Just to be sure, is it feasible at all? Or do you have a workaround in the mean time (on some forum found that using playlists instead of channels, but tried it and did not work), as on a productive site it’s a long time without videos?

        • this has been fixed. Playlists are the way to go and a patch was released a few days back. Please upgrade to version 2.

          • Playa Giron says

            not sure I understand. I use version 2.1, and nor channels nor playlists seem to work.
            Any news on the v3 support? If not throught the worpress.org website as a zip possible?
            Thanks for a quick update just to know.

            P G

          • V3 support was added to this plugin a couple of weeks back. You can either purchase a PRO version to get support or try out the free one from wordpress.


  3. Ray Yang says

    Hello, I’d like to upgrade to WordPress Youtube Channel Embed Plugin – Pro Edition

    and would like to make sure the Pro Edition can support YouTube Data API v3?

    since YouTube turnoff the support for Data API v2, my website’s Youtube Channel Embed Plugin then stopped working.
    and just shows https://youtube.com/devicesupport only!

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