WordPress: What if I accidently deleted my old post and have no backup

Hi Guys,

This happens sometimes when you are thinking about your girl friend or boyfriend 🙂

Ok I understand that you don’t have the database backup and you somehow wants to restore your post.

I assume at least you remember title of your post. Right? If not then there is no use reading this article further.

Ok so you do remember post title, lets continue then.

We will be using our well wisher Google to assist locating your content.

First go to google.com

Now type this in the search box (replace domain name with your and article title with your post title) as shown below


Ok from here on hover on top of you post your will see a shaded double arrow pointing to the right i.e. >>

Do not click that just hover as shown below

Google SERP Hover


When you hover you will see a page that you’ve deleted. Wow! This is because Google caches your data for some day. That’s so cool.

Now click on the cached link that appears besides the link on hovered pane as shown below

Google Cached Page


Yippi when you click on the link that’s it you get whatever Google have cached for you.

Something is better than nothing.

There could be other ways including browsing your browser cache but I found this method to be really helpful.

Google cache is not updated everyday by the look of things so you are guaranteed to recover some of your lost content.

The content that you’ve changed in last few days may not be recovered using this method.

This method will not work if your post of webpage has not been crawled by Google.

I Hope this helps






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