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Hi guys,

As you may be aware that I released Scroll to top plugin for jQuery in the past. Now it was time to take that to another level. I found well may be second level of that would be wordpress. So I came up with one.

The plugin is free and just in case you found yourself to be generous enough you should be able to think a little bit and consider donations. Why? because it take real money to host files and make them available for download. But that not the reason. Then reason it that I put lot of effort to come up with solutions that could help someone and most of them free of cost. hmm… hopefully I am making some sense 🙂

Ok lets start with couple of screenshots that will tell the story about what this plugin does.


Scroll a bit and you will see the STT layer pop up in the centre of browser window with red background. Try to click on that and see if it takes you to the top of the page or not.



WPJC options



View on Page

wpjc scroll to top plugin usage


Alright now you know exactly what this does right. So consider donations before you download 🙂 🙂 kidding..


Support jaspreetchahal.org

If you think that any article or FREE software on this website has helped you, Please consider donating.
$ 0.00 raised.

Alright now that we are over the donation part let me explain what each of the settings means.



you can choose value of this settings as yes or no when you choose no then “Scroll to top” layer will not appear at all when user scrolls down.


The time it will take to scroll up. I recomment 1000 milli seconds. The longer this value is more frustrating it becomes.

Scroll Activate At

This setting tells the plugin at what depth you would like to show “Scroll to top” layer

Scroll Container ID

Just give a unique ID to STT text container

Easing Type

Select what easing animation type you would like to run


The layer is fixed at bottom but you have flexibility to show it either at bottom-left or bottom-center or bottom-right

Scroll Text

If you don’t like “Scroll to top” then choose whatever you think make sense.

Background color of the layer

If you don’t like the default red then choose whatever you like. Values accepted are rgb(), hex colors e.g. #C11

Text Color

If you don’t like the default white then change this to whatever you like.

Font size

Well my sight was not that great thus I would like to make text bigger. But its upto you. Choose whatever you like.

Font Family

Calibri is the default. You can change it to anything.

Font weight

Bold by default.

Text padding 

5px by default. If you want more than increase this value.

Container width

Default is 120px but that does not mean that you can not increase it to make it more obvious.

Border Color

Default is red, change it to match you theme

Border radius

Default is round corners to top corners. You can play with it a bit.


If you want to run a javascript function that you know of then this is where you plug it in.

Link to my site

This is to show your support. I’ll appreciate that.


So I hope it makes sense. Lets take a look how to install this plugin


1. Upload unzipped plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Use the “JCWP Scroll .. Top” under settings.



  • Initial release


The current version can be downloaded from the link below (Updated version is now always available form WordPress rather than from this page.)



I hope you like this plugin, if you have any questions please use the comments section for ask.





  1. rightasrain says

    Thanks for an excellent plugin. Took a few tries to find one that would suit, so I’m glad I found yours!

  2. Paul Shotan says

    Hi Jaspreet … LOVE your neat plugin and will certainly donate something of you can help me.
    I need the reverse of your plugin – Scroll to the BOTTOM.
    Starting with a full screen, fixed background image, I would like to see an icon at the BOTTOM of the page which, when clicked, scrolls the hidden content of the page UP to the top.
    Is that possible please? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?????? If that can be done your plugin will be unbeatable and I will happily donate .
    cheers, Paul (UK)

  3. how can i exclude the plugin from minify js, because with autoptimize plugin dont work
    pls. any help

  4. Hi

    just downloaded this awesome plugin and tweaked it to my liking on a new site that I am working on. It appears to work on the front two pages of the website but does not appear to be working on the others?? Please could you take a quick look at the site I am building and let me know what you think?



  5. Alain RONK says

    Hello, thank you for replie !

    You say :
    “Make sure that your theme supports wp_header() and wp_footer(). Plugin will not load required JS files just in case it isn’t.”

    How I do for verify that ?

    Best regards

  6. Alain RONK says

    Excuse me, my version of 3.4.2 !

  7. Alain RONK says

    Hello !

    Your plugin is very great and it’s ok for me !

    But, today, I uploaded the plugin CLEditor for WordPress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cleditor-for-wordpress/) and your plugin does not work !

    Can you help me please ?

    My wp version is 3.4.1
    My theme is Graphene

    Best regards

  8. Hello Jaspreet, I just updated the plugin to ver 1.4, It’s not work on my site at “body” area, but it still working at the “footer” area. Can I get ver 1.3? The ver 1.3 is working well.

  9. Hello Jaspreet , How are you?Your plugin works great, but I’d like to add an image or a background image, how can I do?

  10. Beth Riegger says

    I love, love, love this plugin!! Thank you so much 🙂

    I’m wondering if there is a way to put a second one on every page that would be a “contact us” type of thing? Is there other HTML that can be added via a hook or filter or even a setting?

    The website I’m working on right now, the content pages are quite long and I’d love to have a contact us follow them down the page or be a “lay-over” like the scroll to top is. Not sure how to accomplish this!

    Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Beth,
      Thanks for your positive words mate. much appreciated.
      At this moment there are no hooks or filter support. But if you can elaborate what exactly you are trying to achieve that would help me put an accurate answer forward.

  11. Алексей says

    Hello! On my theme “BizWay” Your plug-in doesn’t work!
    What can i do? Help me please?

    • Hi Ane,
      Problem is with the theme itself. for some reason it is throwing jQuery error in script custom.js line 11 (DDsmoothMEnu init).
      Can you try one thing. Open file jcwp-scroll-to-top.php under the “scroll to top” plugin directory and replace line 87 from
      jQuery(window).load(function() {
      This is case of broken theme not a broken plugin
      I am 100% sure that this should fix your problem.

      • magicmarker3927 says

        Hi Jaspreet –

        Just in case the above suggestion for Ane might work for me, I tried. I replaced line 87 with the line you suggest. No go. Still doesn’t work for me. I haven’t heard back from the theme author either which is kinda disappointing. I’ll probably send another note off soon.


        • Hi Mark,
          Your case is completely different, so the above patch won’t work for you, you can try other “scroll to top” plugins just to see if one of them work for you. But yeah if you like what I did then I have to install your theme on my development box to test and check whats going on.

          • magicmarker3927 says

            Yeah, I figured that but am just anxious to get your plugin working. It is the best scroll to top plugin I have seen/tried. It does work on other sites of mine. The only one I can get to work on the theme in question here is the ‘Cudazi Scroll to Top’ plugin. It isn’t very smooth at all but it does work.

          • magicmarker3927 says

            Hi Jaspreet –

            Good news! I opened a ticket at the theme author’s support site advising of the situation. I gave him temp login credentials and he went in and fixed the theme! He said it was a jquery conflict, so I am good to go!


          • I am so glad that it worked for you. Thanks for your
            Support and suggestions.

  12. That doesn’t surprise me. I have run into this before regarding Amazon Affiliate themes and plugins.

    Well, not knowing what files you may need, I was thinking of sending you the zip file I received from the author. However, the theme is a paid theme and I don’t think the author would appreciate me sending the files. If you can let me know what specific files you think you would need to determine where the conflict may be taking place, I can do that.

    Thanks much for your continued support. I would really like to get this plugin working with the theme.


    • Hi Mark,
      Well I will need that archive file (to install the theme) in order to troubleshoot.
      Its completely upto you if you would like to forward full zip file to me or not and I respect not sharing someone’s paid work. So you can ask for theme developer’s consent to share all theme files with me for troubleshooting purposes.


      • magicmarker3927 says

        It doesn’t look like my reply got through..I just registered for your site, btw…so, hopefully this isn’t a duplicate.

        I have emailed the theme author for permission to email you the theme for troubleshooting purposes. I also asked if this were not possible, if he would be willing to download your plugin to see if he can excise the gremlins. I’ll let you know what he says.


  13. Howdy –

    I just installed your fabulous plugin (version 1.2) on one of my AmazonAffReview sites and cannot get it to work at all:-( I am using WP 3.4.1.


    • Hi Mark
      There are no known issues as such. leave your website URL and I’ll have a look.

      • Howdy Jaspreet –

        I thought I left the url in the first comment…duh:


        I have tried 2 other scroll up plugins as well. One worked and one didn’t. I just set the site up and it has minimal plugins and I need all of the ones currently installed so don’t want to disable to test.

        Thanks much for your time

        • Hi Mark,
          I dont see my plugin installed on your website at all. Please activate it and then I will be able to check whats going on.

          • Ack…duh

            It is activated now:-)

            If this reply is duplicated, sorry…the first time didn’t create a ‘awaiting moderation’ comment.

          • Hi Mark,
            I am not sure why my system is picking your comments as spam. I have to work on it later.
            But with regards to the plugin can you please download the latest build from this URL http://jaspreetchahal.org/releases/jcwp-scroll-to-top.zip
            Overwriting the files should be enough. Then CTRL+F5 your page. I want to check it again what could be wrong after you update the files.

          • Hi Jaspreet –

            Hope this gets to you…I didn’t see a ‘reply’ button beneath your reply above. I have ‘overwritten’ the files per your latest zip file. I used FTP to upload the contents of the zip file (5 files). I tried the plugin on another site I have and it works fine. I changed to ‘easinoutquad’ from ‘linear’ (the former works on the other site) and tried refreshing/clearing cache vy CTRL+F5 and it still doesn’t work. Btw…it still shows version 1.2.

            Thanks much for your time

          • Hi Mark,
            No worries for the time. I am here to share my bit with the community.
            I intentionally kept that version number to 1.2.
            I can see that jquery-ui and jquery-effects-core is not getting included.
            This could be that the theme that you are using is not compatible with the plugin.
            If its ok with you to email (jaspreetchahal DOT org AT gmail DOT com) me the original theme files that would be awesome and will help me troubleshoot this problem.

  14. I installed your plugin and it works great! The only question I have is when I installed another plugin on another site it had a button to disable on mobile devices. This is because the large to top button was overpowering the small screen taking up much space and covering up text.

    I clicked to disable it ad it worked great by not showing it on phones etc. I can’t find such a button on your settings. I have not tried it on a phone yet so not sure what will happen.

    Does it automatically not show on mobile devices or are you going to create a fix for that if it does. If it shows now I will have to deactivate your plugin which is a shame.

    Please let me know


    • Hi Lawrence

      Well! I am not checking for mobile devices as yet, but I will fix that bit, it should be simple to fix. If you are using custom mobile theme such as wp-touch-pro or similar they do deactivate some plugins by default and Scroll-to-top should be one of them. anyways thats not the point. I will try to push an update after I am done with the current project I am working on. If I get time this Sunday then I will release an update on same day (2nd September 2012).

      For the meantime you can disable the plugin if you wish.
      I hope that should be ok.

      • Great!

        By the way the other plugin that had the disable button is: Dynamic “To Top” Plugin. This way you can see what they did if it helps you at all! With so many mobile devices being viewed, a mobile disable button would be beneficial!

  15. Hi jaspreet, your plugin is great, I like it but it’s looks like not working on my site.
    The action does not work until the page scroll down on footer. I need you help! (The plugin is already update to Ver 1.1.)
    site: yi-holiday [dot] com
    Thanks lot of !

    • Hi Lu,

      I know why this is happening. I’ve fixed a styling flaw. Download the latest 1.2 version and let me know how you go.
      This was a bit tricky to find 🙂


      consider donations

      • Hi Jaspree, I just updated plugin to ver 1.2 but it is still not working, the action only can work when it appear in footer area, I think maybe it’s not work on label on my site because the site’s theme? please help! Thanks!

      • Hi Jaspree! sorry I forgot Ctrl F5…the plugin is do work now! well done! Thanks again!

  16. download link on this page is not working


    message on the resulting page says:
    /home/jaspreet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/download-manager/cache/ must have to be writable!

  17. This is the best! I tried a few other plugins for “to top” capabilities, but this looks the best on my site. Thank you!

    One question / possible feature request (if it doesn’t exist)… It would be nice to choose opt-out templates. For instance, I have a Portfolio page where this conflicts with the overlay of some other elements on the page, or is simply not needed.

    • Hi Paul
      Thanks for your feedback. Yeah I guess that won’t be hard to implement. I guess you are trying to say that you should have ability to add Post IDs that STT won’t appear on. Correct me if I am wrong.

      btw did you rate this plugin on WP? If not that would be great if you can.

      I will add this feature to next version for sure.

  18. christine says

    Hi jaspreet, thanks for your plugin!
    I just downloaded it and worked on settings, but the action does not work. Can you help me ?
    My WordPress site: christinesejean.com
    thanks !

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