WordPress Force plugin version check

Hi Guys,

This is a quick tip on WordPress which I think could be useful if you work with WP.

If you’ve just started to work with plugin development or are looking for a way to force wordpress to check new versions of Plugin then there is an easy way to do it and a bit technical way.

Option 1

This is for people who are non technical. All you need to do is to goto


Replace yourdomain.com with your site domain name and click on Check Again button as shown below

wordpress check again for plugin updates

This will do a quick check for updated plugins.

Option 2

If  for any reason above does not work and you have access to your mySQL database then running the query below will do the trick for you

Deleting this transient won’t really break stuff either as far as I’ve tested but I prefer setting the values to NULL

Trick is that WordPress won’t repeatedly hit their website to check for updates rather it does it every few hours. Under_site_transient_update_plugins it store  last_checked:1363755775

which is the timestamp for the last time they checked for any update. So it will count N hours (where N is 12 hours I guess, correct me if I am wrong) from this timestamp before firing another request

I hope that this will help you out.



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