WordPress display external website feed in plugin admin settings page

Hi Guys,

There are times when you would want to display your website feed in the Free plugin or even in paid ones to your plugin users in the administration area of your plugin.

I use feedburner to manage my feeds. Good thing about Feeburner is that it makes your feed browser friendly.

To start using Feedburner create an account with Google and Goto this URL


Now once you map your website feed to feedburner you will be given a unique URL to your feed. So each website will get a unique URL.

Once you got hold of the Feed URL here is what you can do.

Below is the end result of what I am going to do

Wordpress External Feeds


Ok so I will be using the fetch_feed function that comes out of the box with wordpress and is really handy.

Below is a function that you can use within your plugin

Ok so the above function can be read as

Give me last 5 posts from jaspreetchahal.org and make every post a link so that user can read it.

I hope that this could be helpful to you because there are times when you don’t know where to start.

If you would like me to extend this post to use this function in a plugin please let me know but to give you a hint that wherever you call the statement below, your feeds will be displayed.

e.g. on your plugin administration screen call this statement.

echo jcorgfeeds() ;

Given that the file in which this function lives is accessible and included in your plugin file.


The purpose of this post was to give you an Idea what you can do with built in API offered by wordpress.




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