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Hi Guys,

Update: Version 8.5.0 (2019 edition) is out now with many improvements and new features. Check out the change log for details. To upgrade from the previous version just deactivate the old version and overwrite with new files. Please make sure that you make a copy of the existing files. Copy the files across and Activate again. DON’T forget to clear your browser cache (just in case)!

To get version 8.5.0, you must be a current customer and have purchased version 7 (Upgrades to version 7 are not eligible for free upgrade). Else please email me so we work something out.

100% compatible with WordPress 4.9+

This is my utmost pleasure to introduce you to this plugin called WordPress JC Coupon Revealer. Best compliment you can give me is to recommend it to your mates.

You may have tried the Lite version of this plugin and thought of upgrading to the Pro version. That’s really great. Now, I don’t really have any hard and Fast rules. You Pay once and you can use it on the website owned by you. Check out the licensing section for more details later in this post.

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Change Log for version 8.5.0 (Re-released Sep 2018)

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 4.9.8
  • HTTPS compatible


NEW STYLE (Bare Minimum) IN VERSION 8 Example  

Expires on:
Promo Code


This is a cool offer that expires in March 2018, Redeem it now. Its not that important but let's make it sound like important.


Change log for other version >>

What do my customers say about this plugin

This is an extremely flexible, well maintained coupon plugin that is backed by exemplary customer support. Plugin could not be easier to use and will surly fulfill your needs. I would highly recommend if you are looking to run any sort of coupon based promotions.

Brian – http://www.altecdesign.com

Jaspreet, Thank you so much! I found so many options that has so many features and functions that I just didn’t need. I really was looking hard for a simple, easy to use coupon plugin that would just put the coupons I needed into posts and allow me to edit/change them without editing each post. This has really made sharing coupons with my readers a lot easier! And, your customer service is outstanding. Thank you for getting back with me so quickly on each and every one of my questions, even when I had a ton at the very beginning!

Beth – http://ingoodcents.com/

Thank you so much for your help Jas! I really appreciate your support and your plugin is simply incredible!


Important, Please read

Cost of this Plugin starts from $79.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE – Specific refund request are charged $35 USD Admin fees). There are other options available. Be sure to check out the Pricing section (Scroll down). I think the cost is reasonable and it helps me pay my bills. But you can always contact me for a Discount Voucher, only if you think this plugin should be cheaper. No refund could be issued because of accidental purchase or change of mind and if you haven’t tried the lite version. If lite version does not work for you then PRO may not either. Please try it out before you buy this version.

I can fill this page with many testimonials but that’s not the intention. The intention is that You, my friend return from my blog happy.

Prerequisites for this Plugin

  • PHP 5.2+
  • WordPress 4.0+



JC WordPress Coupon PRO Plugin Management


Themes  7+
Bounce Manager Yes (Creates an intermediate page, when user clicks on your coupon code, they will be taken to this page first before redirecting to target page.)
Styles  9
Ability to Print Coupons  Yes
Import Coupons  Yes
Show Coupon and Destination URL on Same page  Yes
Widget  Yes
Add Post Meta box  Yes
Add Page Meta Box  Yes
 Categories Management  Yes
FREE for 1 Full Year
 Via Contact Me
24 – 72 Hours response
 Duplicate Coupons  Yes
 IE8 Support  Yes
 Coupon Expiry Notifications  Yes
 Donation Links  No
 Wordpress Compatibility  3.3.0+
 License options  Single Server/Mulitple Server
License available
Auto delete coupons on expiry Yes


Download Test CSV Import File


Data that get transmitted

When you activate or deactivate this plugin your email-address and website name will be sent to this site. The same function also is responsible to alert you on any updates that may be available.


Below are the some of supported Coupon Styles.

Not all combinations covered in screenshots below

Style 1 (Fully Loaded)

JC Coupon Revealer Pro Style 1

Style 2 (Short)


Style 3 (Short and Wide)

Style 3


Style 4 (Square)

Style 4

Style 5 (Clean)

Clean style for JC Coupon PRO

Style 6 Hide and Seek


JC Coupon theme Hide and seek


Style 7


Style 8

Introducing in version 5.0 new style called slim. It is compatible with Sidebars, Mobile screens, and tablets too.

jcorgcoupons style 8 slim

Style 9: Responsive




Print Style


Show Coupon details and Destination URL on same page


Change Log


  • Initial Release


  • Fixed several UI based issues.
  • New Bounce Rate handler.
  • New Style Name ‘Square’ added.
  • Database Updates.
  • Broken Import CSV functionality fixed.
  • Fixed Email issue on related to voting numbers. Now 2 votes means 2.
  • Coupon Type behaviour fixed for “On Click, Goto Destination URL”


  • Fixed some Flash related issues on Firefox.
  • Fixed date type pre selection issue while modifying a coupon.
  • Fixed: Default width and height issue.
  • Fixed: Top layer text should say “Activate Offer” for “Goto ULR” option for style 2.
  • Fixed: Widget start and end tag will now be included properly.
  • New: Category short code can be inserted now in Posts and Pages to list all coupons under category.
  • NewChanged the Add coupon layout.
  • New: Visual Indicator for Active and Expired coupons
  • Enhanced: Coupon search filter.
  • Tested Compatibility with WordPress 3.4
v2.1 (12th August 2012)
  • Fixed Issues with popups getting blocked in Chrome and Firefox for Style 1-3
  • Fixed CSS issue for Style 2. Overlay layer not covering full coupon.
  • Fixed Copy to clipboard click margins for Style 1

v3.0 (December 2012)

  • NEW Style 5 added
  • NEW WordPress 3.5 compatible
  • Custom Expiry date format
  • You now have the ability to open destination URL in same window if deal takes user directly to affiliate URL.
  • You can now choose Category for imported coupons
  • FIXED: Coupon expiry date issue
  • FIXED: Hover issue with Style 3
  • FIXED: “Stuck at CSV verification” issue with Coupon imports
  • Other performance and style improvements


v3.01 (January 2013)

  • FIXED: bounce page showing message twice
  • In style 5 when you click on “Reveal code” it takes you back to the coupon page.
  • Maintenance release.

v3.5 (January 2013)

  • Improved search
  • Category now sort by name
  • Sort coupons by expiry date, coupon name or category
  • Category is now part of coupon search results
  • Defaults can now be set for date format, reduce bounces and coupon types
  • Date format changes can now be previewed
  • Other performance updates

v3.5.1 (Jan 2013) –  Recommended upgrade

  • Bug where user click on modify button and coupon fields loose all its value has been fixed.

v3.6 (Jan 2013)

  • NEW Auto update hook to WordPress updater, this means that if a new version is available I no longer have to send you an email. Below is the screenshot

v4.0 (Feb 2013)

  • New Custom coupon language strings
  • New Style added – Hide and Seek with option to share coupon on twitter and facebook
  • Compatibility with many commercial themes such as PageLines, Premiumpress etc
  • Compatibility with wordpress version 3.5.1
  • Other performance enhancements

v4.5 (March 2013)

  • New: Ability to print counpons
  • New: A brand new style
  • Enhancement: Coupon length could be 20 characters long
  • New: Licensing introduced – A loose licensing model which is based on trust. I won’t give anything up but bad guys will steal anyway.
  • Fix: Minor fixes for a couple of unsupported themes such as PageLines, Bizway etc
  • Fix: Fixed language glitch in Style 6
  • Fix: Fixed shadow glitch in Style 5

v4.6 (May 2013)

  • New: You now have ability to schedule your Coupons with Start Date.
  • New: Ability to show Coupon Details and Destination URL in same page.
  • New: Ability to turn off voting.
  • New: Support for Studio Press and Premium Press themes.
  • Fixed: Custom language will not be applied in some styles.
  • Fixed: Some themes shows list points
  • Fixed: Print and iFrame pages will not be indexed in Search Engines as duplicates.
  • Fixed: Minor issue for Style 4 on Premium press themes.
  • Other: Important fixes.

Details 4.6.1 (June 2013)

  • Fixed: Height issues with iFrame option

Details 4.6.2 (Aug 2013)

  • New: All External links by default are nofollow. You are able to change this.
  • Fixed: Sub menuMenu Item “JC Coupons” renamed to “Global Settings” under JC Coupons Menu

Details 4.6.3 (October 2013)

  • Minor fixes

Details 5.0.0 (Dec 2013)

  • New: Slim style for your sidebars and is compatible with mobiles and tablets.
  • New: Coupon import string limit increased to 20.
  • New: Minor database upgrade. This should not affect any of your current data.
  • Fixed: Border color wont change in live preview for style 5
  • Fixed: Fixed margins
  • Fixed: Global borderless image style removed and is now replaced with one that works only on coupon markup.
  • Fixed: Issues with dates during imports now fixed. This was not affecting a bunch, as long as you are using YYYY-MMM-DD format you should be ok

Details 5.1.0 (April 2014)

  • Fixed: Datepicker issue with some themes
  • Fixed: Copy to clipboard broken for some themes for style 3
  • Updated: Copy to clipboard libraries and with it reported XSS vulnerability is now patched.
  • Added: Support for WordPress 3.8.x
  • Added: support for many new themes in market including ones based on bootstrap

Details 6.0.0 (November 2014)

  • Added missing lang string for iFrame page.
  • 100% compatibility with WordPress 4.x.
  • Copy to clipboard function improvements.
  • Compatibility with bootstrap based theme.
  • Corrected CSS styles for short and wide style.

Details 6.1.0 (December 2014)

  • Fixed: Destination URL field length changed from 255 max characters to any variable length
  • Fixed: Search coupons by category was not working
  • New: Removed usage of eval function so that plugin can be installed on hosting environments which do no allow using eval.

Details 6.2.0 (Feb 2015)

  • Fixed: Fixed issues with search filter
  • New: Added option to auto delete coupons on expiry
  • New: Notification email will be sent when coupon is auto delete if marked for deletion on expiry
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: Issues affecting activations with some customers has been fixed too.

Change Log for version 6.6.0 (Feb/March 2015 Update)

  • New: Added click tracking
  • New: You are now able to create members only coupon with smarty style, User has to be logged in to get access to coupon.
  • New: Click tracking report can be exported to CSV
  • New: You are now able to hide coupon and show them on click without taking user to another page.
  • New: Updated language options
  • Fixed: 5 reported bugs fixed

Change Log for version 7.0.x (Nov 2015 Update)

  • NEW: responsive style
  • Fixed: 3 look and feel related issues
  • Fixed: WordPress will auto updates coupon plugin to latest version as long as your purchase is made in last 1 year.
  • Added: Coupon pro offers 100% compatibility with WordPress version 4.3.1+
  • and so much more

Change Log for version 8.0.0 (Jan 2016 Update)

  • NEW: Flash detection
  • NEW: Copy to clipboard functionality will fallback to normal Javascript to open affiliate links
  • NEW: Copy button will hide properly if flash not found in iFrame view
  • NEW: WordPress 4.4+ compatibility
  • NEW: Style 9 will have social share button on mobile and tablet platforms too. Print button has been taken out for these platforms though.
  • Fixed: Clean Style would force coupon click to open invalid tab
  • Fixed: Style 2 would have bigger cover to hide coupons
  • Fixed: A couple of issues with Style 9 (Responsive)
  • and so much more

Change Log for version 8.1.0 (June 2016 Update)

  • NEW: Option to hide social links when supported by a style
  • NEW: Option  to Show static link to offer page – If supported by style and is only compatible with “Hide Coupon and show on click” option
  • NEW: More language string options
  • NEW: WordPress 4.6+ compatibility
  • NEW: Style 10 Bare minimum. Full responsive. This style is recommended if you care for coupon schema and stuff, this style does not come with clipboard or color selection.
  • Fixed: Admin color selection may not be working with some customized admin portal
  • Fixed: Minor issue with Sliders on admin page
  • Fixed: A couple of issues with Style 9 (Responsive)
  • and so much more

Change Log for version 8.5.0 (Maintenance release Nov 2016 Update)

  • Fixed: Bare Minimum style padding issues
  • Fixed: Coupon import now honor the DB column length for description and URLs
  • Fixed: UI issues jQuery UI related fixed
  • Fixed: Voting was not working for Responsive style
  • and so many more improvements and fixes

Example (responsive)

  • 10% off just for today
  • Oh yeah, don't miss this chance, This offer will expire in 2018, so hurry 🙂
Expires on 31-Mar-23

Example (Clean)

Example (Bare Minimum)

Expires on:
Promo Code


This is a cool offer that expires in March 2018, Redeem it now. Its not that important but let's make it sound like important.

Read comments what other people say, leave yours if you like this plugin that would be the best compliment.

If you are a customer and would like me to include link to your website, contact me.
Important: Some CSS minifiers can break healthy CSS’s so please make sure that you are using a good CSS compressors.
Important: Some themes can break plugins thus it is important that you test out lite version of this plugin before you buy.

Tip on Search engines

If you would like search engines not to index plugin’s print page please use robots.txt file in your website root to exclude the print page. Just try cliking on the print icon and see if what URL is posted back to you and put that link structure in your robots.txt file.

Depending on the permalink structure this is one example to do that (read more about robots.txt optimization on wordpress website here)

CSV Fields are explained below

Exactly 13 Columns are expected in your CSV files in the same order as shown below. I’ve now made the Title case Insensitive.

Please note: there should be no space in column header e.g. “NotificationEmail” is right and “Notification Email” is wrong

Name Title Description Coupon Coupon
Expiry Savings
URL Notification
Value can be Merchant Name
Or anything that makes you
remeber what this Coupon is
All about
Title of the Code
Being generated
Description of
Actual Coupon Coupon
Can be Once of the following:

  • All Options
  • Shor
  • Short Wide
Values are Case Sensitive
(case sensitive)
Date in Format
YYYY-MM-DDText can be anything like
“Expiring Soon..”
Length 12 characters. Message example15% Off Your Destination URL Your email that will get notifications Number Of Votes that a code must get before notification kicks off Any of the following values (case Sensitive)

  1. Green
  2. LightGreen
  3. DullBlue
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. Grey
  7. Purple
  8. Orange


Video Tutorial

To learn about this plugin please watch this Video


Pro $59 (On Sale Now)

  • You can use it on any 1 Site Owned by you
  • Support Via Contact Me
  • Includes all features
  • Unlimited Coupons

Developer $299

  • Unlimited domains and sub-domains you own
  • Upto 50 Client websites
  • Support Via Email
  • Includes all features
  • Unlimited Coupons


  1. Why doesn’t it work for me?
    – Make sure that you are using wordpress version 3.3.0+
    – Make sure that your PHP version is greater than 5.2
    – This could be something to do with incomparability with other plugins (Contact me, So that I can have a look)
    – make sure that your plugin directory look like this /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jcorgcoupons/ and  jcorgcoupons.php is under this folder
    – try clear the browser cache in case your old javascript and CSS files are cached.
  2. Can you make a custom coupon style for me?
    – Well if I like your style I will put it in. Contact me discuss that.
  3. I try to upgrade from Lite version but WordPress show an Error
    – make sure that you deactivate the lite version first and then activate this plugin.
  4. Will my existing coupons stay when I upgrade
    – Short answer. Yes


Feature Requests or bug reporting

Just use comments I guess for nowOr use the Contact form below. I’ll see if I got something better in future.

Contact me





  1. Hi Jaspreet,

    I am new to make Coupon site so please tell me with which themes this plugin will work, and any theme recommendations from your side.


  2. hello . jaspreet, JC coupon is an awesome plugin . i want to buy the pro version . i tried to buy but faild to do payment via paypal and account created . but again when i try to make payment via same account , i cant login to the account . it gives error . pplease resolve the issue . as i am indian i can pay via NEFT.

  3. Any chance of making a Coupon Export feature as well? We use the plug-in on multiple WP site and would like to keep the coupons in sync between them.


  4. Hi,

    A few questions if I may.

    Are the codes clickable on a mobile phone and tablet?
    Does this work with Affiliate Window, Webgains and most UK networks?
    With datafeed CSV import, do I require an inbetween software to augment the layout and fields?
    When using shortcodes and reimporting, do they stay the same?
    When updating, the shortcodes update automatically on individual pages?
    Can I add codes manually to the database to show in pages without adding a new shortcode?


    • With imports, different channels have kinda different feed definitions. You have to create your own CSV files to import, those are compatible with this plugin as described on this page. There is no auto import function for different coupon feed providers. I hope this helps.

  5. Graham Johnson says

    Please could you direct me to a demo using the plugin or a site using the pro version.

  6. Hi, I am currently using the lite version which is great. I wanted to upgrade and put it on a couple of sites I own but the price for the unlimited version seems a little high. Your single version software is on sale for 20% off. Would you consider putting your unlimited version on sale for 20% for a little while?

  7. Thanks for creating such awesome plugin, really loved it.

  8. This plugin import data from a XML file?

  9. Hi, Jaspreet. Could you please make it so coupons are displayed in alphabetical order by title when a short code is used?

  10. Hi, can the plugin and the voucher codes be fully translated into another language?


  11. Hi!

    I would happily buy this plug-in if it would have rel=”nofollow” for the URLs. Could you please add that functionality?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi!

    Does the style 3 buttons has the reveal feature like style 1?


  13. Taswir Haider says

    Hi Jaspreet, I like your plugin and you have done a wonderful job there, specially I like the short coupon styles. Just came to this site to check the pro price to use for my number of coupon sites.
    But $149 seems too high for me. Is there any option to reduce the price or get a coupon on $149? 🙂

  14. This is an extremely flexible, well maintained coupon plugin that is backed by exemplary customer support. Plugin could not be easier to use and will surly fulfill your needs.

    I would highly recommend if you are looking to run any sort of coupon based promotions.

  15. Kathie Zaccaria says

    It looks like you have one of the best coupon generators out there. 🙂 I am considering purchasing the Pro version. I am mostly interested in print coupons and I see that you do have a print style available. I have two questions: 1.) Will style 4, 5, 6, or 7 also print out for my readers? 2.) Is there the ability to add an image to a coupon such as the advertisers logo? Okay, one more question: Is the size of all the coupons adjustable? I am seeing that some advertisers have a lot of restrictions associated with their coupons that are hard to fit into a small space. Okay, that’s it. Thank you!! Kathie

    • Hi Kathie,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      1. Yes all styles have print theme extension. So style 4,5,6,7 will support printing.
      2. Style 7 offers to add a advertiser logo, other styles don’t
      3. This plugin support coupon of length 15 to 20, and most styles will accommodate happily, but style 1 and 5 offers custom width and height.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  16. Jaspreet, Thank you so much! I found so many options that has so many features and functions that I just didn\’t need. I really was looking hard for a simple, easy to use coupon plugin that would just put the coupons I needed into posts and allow me to edit/change them without editing each post. This has really made sharing coupons with my readers a lot easier! And, your customer service is outstanding. Thank you for getting back with me so quickly on each and every one of my questions, even when I had a ton at the very beginning!

    • Thanks heaps for your kind words Beth. I hope to bring many more features and style that will make this plugin even better. Keep your feedback coming and we’ll keep on improving this plugin.
      Thanks once again.
      Best Regards,

  17. Hi,

    I’m using Lite version and want to install Pro version but need some more feature or changes from you, If you can do that for me. I like the way you represent the coupon but i need my post like promotionalcode.ca/codes/autopartsway-ca/, Can you do for that.

    means I need review section, Store short image etc.


    • Hi Anna,
      I am adding another theme to PRO soon but that’s not what you are looking for. Every coupon site have their own theme. I think I like the theme that you want so with some modifications I may be able to do that.
      Adding another couple of themes is a priority for next version. But I guess it wont happen in next few weeks. Good point on reviews but I am not sure whether I should add it to this plugin. I am sure though that the themes I am gonna add will be great as they are based on feedback that I got from existing customers. I think the next version should be available in December sometime.

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