WordPress copy paste protection blocker plugin

Hi Guys,

When I wrote my previous post about disabling the copy paste with jQuery, I thought may be its going to be a good idea to just build a plugin for WordPress too.

So I just did that and its available from wordpress

Its called jcwp copy paste blocker



jcwp copy paste blocker options

Above screenshot shows the options that can be configured

Below is a screenshot that shows it in use. Most of the stuff is silently done, it just when you enable Alert this happens

jcwp copy past blocker in use



  • Disable content selection:
    When this is enabled then visitors on your website will no longer able to select any text as long as javascript is enabled and they don’t use other means to copy content
  • CSS disable text selection
    Styles below are added to the document to disable text selection.
    [geshi lang=”css” nums=”1″ target=”_self” ]

  • Keyboard events
    You can  disable keyboard events such as ctrl+save and ctrl+select all
  • Disable right mouse click
    You can disable context menu as well
  • Protection level
    You can choose if you would like to protect the pages, posts, homepage or everything
  • Alert 
    Just as you  see in the screenshot above
  • Alert message
    Custom alert message
  • Powered by link
    Enable it to show your support


  1. Upload unzipped plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the Plugin Options on left menu under Settings > JCWP copy paste blocker.

Works on

Plugin has been tested on wordpress version 3.4.1 but it should work on wordpress version 2.8 onwards without any problems

Browser support

Plugin has been tested on

  1. IE8+
  2. Firefox
  3. Chrome
  4. Safari

Opera has not been tested on so I am not sure if that matters given the market share.

Wanna support me?

No one cares, but its worth asking.

Buy me a bottle of Ice Tea 🙂

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Bug Report

Use comments to report a bug, Please mention your environment e.g.  Browser type, version etc.

I hope that this plugin is something that you are looking for. Just in case you have a feature request don’t forget leave your comments






  1. Zoltán Bese says

    Thank You!
    Excelent free plugin!
    I’ve just installed
    How to test “SEO frendly”?

  2. Does it work on mobile device? I used another plugin and it worked on desktop browsers but not mobile browsers. I was able to copy the content from my website using my iphone.

  3. Hi Jaspreet,
    Does your JCWP copy paste protect work on WP version 3.8. i read in tour blog that it is compatible until version 2.4 or such?? Thanks Mate 🙂

  4. From long time people were stealing contents of my WordPress blog, that’s why i was looking for such kind of solution for long time. And my search end here. Thanks for writing this great article to make us aware of this great plugin.

  5. patricia says


    I installed your plugin using the description above. All contents on the home page are secured now but not on the detailed blog article where you get to after click on “continue reading”. What is wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Aha! you’re right – it was cache.

    By the way, I’m working on an image protector plugin. If you’re interested, contact me – it might be worth combining them.


    • that’s cool that It worked for you now. Can you consider voting for this plugin?
      Its good to hear that you are working on a image protector plugin. Yeah we can combine the two. I’ve emailed you separately with couple of questions regarding the proposal of combining the 2 plugins.
      Cheers mate!

  7. I reinstalled the version on wordpress.org, and it seems to have the same behaviour. It’s v1.0 – is there a different one?

    • It seems to work in all my tests. It’s still version 1.0, change was not big enough to go into new version. Which browsers have you tried this plugin on? Try to clear the browser cache and try again. Maybe the old JS file is cached. Is it possible for you to disable all plugin settings, clear the browser cache, re-enable every setting one by one and testing through each one. It would be great help to share your results. It will help me troubleshoot the issue. Thanks heaps on working with me on this issue.

  8. for some reason, when I enable this plugin, it disables everything, even if I have those selections turned off.

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