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Hi Guys,


Pro version is now available

It is my utmost pleasure to be working on another plugin that is now on offer. The plugin is called jaspreetchahal’s wordpress bot detector lite, This is FREE version so enjoy. 

I think I am too obsessed by my name that It is sort of becoming a norm to include it in whatever I do 🙂 May be I have to get rid of this habit.

Ok so let me explain what this plugin does.

This plugin will detect if any of the following bot visited on any of your posts or page

  1. Ads Bot Google
  2. Alexa
  3. Alta Vista
  4. Google bot
  5. Yahoo Seeker

You can always go Pro that will have support for over 50+ bots, spiders and crawlers out of the box.

To start with here is a screenhot of the settings page

Wordpress bot detector plugin

 Email Screenshot

Email example bot detection

Ok let me explain what above fields are for

  1. Notification Email: This is your email address where you would like to receive notification on which pages has been crawled by a given bot during the interval set by you
  2. Email Interval: This is the interval that you set between Emails. So say an email has been sent at 1 PM and your email interval is set to 2 hours, thus the next email will be sent at 3 PM with results taken from those 2 hours.
  3. Keep history for: This is detectors results store limit. So you are saying, don’t keep history for more than 30 days. This is recommended because based on the number of webpages on your site this table size can get out of control if higher limit is set.
  4. Email format: Both HTML and Text client are supported.


So now we got an Idea what this plugin is capable of.

Data transmission

When you activate or deactivate the plugin, this website will be notified for, No information other than your website address and plugin meta data is sent across. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with it so that I can direct you what to do.

Getting Help

Use comments to get help if you don’t understand any part of this plugin.


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Comparison with Pro version


Feature Lite version Pro version
Notification Emails
i18n support
(create your own pot file)

(pot, po and .mo provided)
Live view
Delete Bots
Add New Bot
Activate/Deactivate bots
Support via comments via contact me
History Report
Number of Bots included 5 50+
Donation Link


Language Contribution

Yes please. If you can thanks.



Why do I need this plugin

I guess first reason can be answered by my cross question that why did you searched for bot detector plugin?  There could be many use cases of having such plugin, most of the answers will come from you rather than me. I am using this plugin because I just want to know when and If I am being crawled. I am using the Pro version on my website and I like the fact that I can see why load on my website suddenly increased, is it bots? I can do so by using the Live view. I thus know what exactly is causing that spike.


I am always looking for feedback. Either use the contact form or comments to leave you feedback, because that is really important to me. Why? First, because I love you guys. Second, Your support is so essential to what I do and that is what keeps me going.

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I hope this plugin will be of some help and thanks heaps for supporting me 🙂









  1. Hello JC,

    I was trying out your plugin (free version) on 4 sites, 3 of which are hosted by BlueHost. But no Bot has been detected on any these sites in the last 3 weeks. However using another plugin, Bots have been detected in this same period. I’m using wordpress 3.4.2 on alle installations. What could be the problem?

    • Hi Jp,

      FREE version supports only a handful of BOTs whereas PRO version supports over 50+ BOTs. I will look into that anyway just to double check if BOT identifiers has been changed since last release.

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