WooCommerce Increase or Limit number of products shown in Shop

Hi Guys,

I keep on sharing some products that I write for my projects and put them for sale in my shop


Now most of them are FREE if you search my Blog to download except databases.

Now I installed WooCommerce as my e-commerce plugin and I am extremely happy with it. There is one limitation for the basic user such as myself.

This is how do I limit number of products displayed in my Shop.

By default it will show what ever your “Blog pages show at most” is set to under Settings > Reading


Below is the screen shot showing this

Wordpress reading settings


Now this is Ok but what If I want my shop be separated to the above settings.

This is what you do,

Goto Appearance > Editor and Click on function.php from right hand side

Scroll till end and add this line

In the above line of code you can replace 15 with whatever value you want.


I hope this helps





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