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Hi Guys,

Well, based on some of the thing I have lately been worried about, one amongst those iss forgetting some of the key dates such as my wedding anniversary I decided to do something about it. I wrote a fun online tool called

The sole purpose of this site is Reminders sent using Twitter’s Direct messages system. What that means is that on a given time you will get a Message directly in your twitter Inbox

twitter invbox

Now this is good because based on your preference if someone sends you a direct message it will sort of delivered to you twitter phone app as a Message more in form of SMS. I hope I am making sense here. Bottom line is that you will be alerted on web, on your phone, on your tablet at the same time


Here are some key features for this web application

  1. Set Reminders in your own TimeZone 

    Seems weird but trust me that if I talk GMT or UTC very less people will be able to One, understand it. Two, have to make complex calculation in their brain to get the time right just in case they do understand GMT and stuff 

  2. Remind not only yourself but send a Direct Message to your friend too 

    Yes I Know that they can take care of their own reminders but sometimes its good if you can send a Message to their inbox when
    – It’s their Birthday
    – It’s their wedding anniversary
    – or Just remind them if they’ve got an exam on that date
    – and stuff like that

  3. Check your upcoming and sent reminder 

    You have full control on your Reminders. What I mean to say is that you are able to Create and Delete your reminders, Just in case you want to delete your delivered ones, you are able to do that too. Unlike others, I don’t really care of data being removed from my server. Your privacy and what you write is kept private “All the freakin time” Its as simple as that

  4. Mobile and Tablet friendly 

    This is important because we all use phones and/or tablets nowadays and making your web application not mobile and tablet friendly is just not done nowadays. So, just chill and browse to from your Phone or Tablet browser and application is still usable.

  5. Safety, privacy and Security 

    Twitter only returns what’s publicly available, so rest assured I don’t do silly things with your stuff. I don’t collect your email so I can’t SPAM 🙂 I work on an ethical level so I try all means to keep your data safe and secure.

There are still few things to add to this application. I will work on them when I can spare a couple of days.


  1. Why do I have to sign in?Well, quick answer to that is that at least I know that reminders are not sent to Google’s or Microsoft’s account 🙂 and are sent using your own account so responsibility is all yours to set up reminders properly
  2. Can you send an Email when Reminder has been delivered? 

    Yes I can, but I don’t collect email addresses for that. But if there is much interest then I can add that feature.

Point to note

Direct messages are sent using my twitter account ID @twtreminder so please do not block it or remove twtreminder application from the authorized apps else Reminders will not be delivered at all to your friends, But I will still be able to remind you.

Technologies used to develop this site

I believe in openness and thus I could share what is this application built using

  1. Twitter API
  2. Yii Framework
  3. jQuery
  4. BootStrap
  5. Free Photos of iStock



I hope that you will like this app, your feedback will be much appreciated though. I will do a how to video soon.

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