The App was not installed on the iPhone iPad iPod because the signer is not valid

This happens when you are trying to install and App which is not yet approved by Apple and you are trying to install it with the distribution profile. Now I know you are in the same boat as me to test the final distribution release on your iDevice but YOU SIMPLE CANNOT DO THIS because of the restrictions Apple impose through iTunes.

The only way I can suggest you is to Jailbreak your iDevice (Which I am not in favor) and then try installing your distribution App on. When you JailBreak your phone one thing you must keep in mind is that you lose you warranty and and future update to the iOS. So be careful. I am not aware if there is any workaround to this. If you know any please leave a comment. Once you Jailbreak your phone of pad then all the restrictions imposed by Apple are gone and you can use other third party sync programs to install your app onto your device.

One thing you must do is that once you do any change to your App do create a new distribution profile and build you App with that.

Ad-hoc provisioning is pretty near to the actual distribution profiles so do test with them too.

The worst thing is that you cannot test your App with the actual distribution profile.

Now the above is applicable for the devs who are sort of trying to test their distribution release in the iDevice, but what about when you are trying to install an App and  you get Signer not valid error.

This error started to originate I believe in iTunes 10 onwards, This could be a False Positive as well. What I recommend is to remove iTunes from your system and do a clean install. some of the error iTunes throw are bound with incorrect upgrade. I am not saying that upgrade is buggy or anything but I believe that you should give it a go.

If you would like to add something to my opinion please do so by commenting.

If you’ve purchased the App from iTunes and are getting this error, there is an official article available from Apple’s website which can be found here


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