WordPress How to schedule a post

Hi Guys, Just if you are not aware WordPress by default supports scheduling a post, No plugin is required. You can also publicize your post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and others. Lets check it out how to schedule a new post but before that I would like to make one thing clear that you are not adding this schedule to a cronjob but it is pretty much part of WordPress and you will need some activity on your blog to rely on WordPress scheduler. After I am done writing this post and ready to publish it that's when I can schedule it. Here is what you see at the right hand side of "Add New Post" screen     Now if you want to schedule then click on Edit link besides "Publish immediately" This is what you see   First field is Month, then date, then year and then Time value. Put the desired time and press OKNow you will see that Publish button's text will become Schedule Click that button and now your post is schedule to be published at new time selected by you. You can also make use of publicize feature and post your post publish status to social platforms as I stated before Just click Edit link besides Publicize and allow Wordpress.com to post on your behalf to your social timelines. If just in case you want to publish you scheduled post immediately then you just change the time to something in the past and it should get publish immediately I hope that this helps Cheers,       … [Read more...]