best 3 ajax loader GIF generators

Hi Guys, My likings to these online fabulous tools are based on Simplicity Number of customization options and finally how good the result looks like Ok so lets go ahead and check them out First on the list is This is the best tool available to generate animated ajax loading GIFs gives you all the options I guess, that you need to create a good looking ajax loader. Its simple to create an animated GIF Pick a Category Select you preloader Customize it and Hit that big blue button "Generate preloader" and then you are able to download it.   Second on the list is Not as advanced as preloader tool but its simple slick and works. Not many options to play with but what you see is what you get. Its a great tool if you don't understand the options available from my first choice. I recommend to take this tool for a spin. I am 100% sure that you will find it quite useful in long run. URL: Third on the list is URL: This online tool has less customization options than what you see in preloaders tool but if you are time savvy nerd and want something that is CSS only and you like what you saw in the templates window as shown below then its the fastest of all tools to generate a animated ajax loader but the catch is that its CSS only and rely on native CSS animation (transition capabilities), The best thing about this tool is that its got a live preview i.e. what ever changes you are making to your spinner you can see them all happening right in front of your eyes so there are no surprises at the end when you are ready to download the CSS code for your spinner. Please note that your Spinner will not work on older browsers that don't support CSS3 Other tools such as could be useful too, it all depends on what you are trying your final animation to look like Conclusion Of all the tools that I've tried to … [Read more...]