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WordPress Like To Unlock Content Plugin

Hey Guys, Today I am announcing a completed plugin for your WordPress blog, Facebook Like or Google Plus One To Unlock Content Plugin. Yeah I know that you have seen a couple of jQuery plugins from me in my previous post but I tell you what, there was nothing for WordPress that I did regarding utilizing socially aware content manipulation. I really don't have to talk about it much, You'll will see it in action in a moment. First we cover a few bits and pieces on why I developed this. Why? When someone ask me this question, my usual reply is Why not? I spend most of my time building something or improving something that I did in the past. So most of my time maybe 70% goes towards building/developing stuff. It keeps me busy and keeps me going. Well that's the overall picture but here are some key points why Facebook and Google matters. SEO: Search Engines such as Bing and Google are now looking for social signals. If your post is being shared say on Facebook or Google plus then its always a plus for you Exposure. Say someone likes your post and this means that it will end up on user timeline and this user's friends will see it immediately and if your post is good, it has chance to go viral, thus giving you some more traffic juice and accolades Increase user activity: Agenda here is, if they like half of what you've posted they may want to read more, thus those clicks on your page means that user is actually engaging with your content. And there are heaps more that you can think of associated with Social Features Here is a list of things that you could control from the administration page Facebook Like button attributes Google plus button attributes Call to action message Type of content obfuscation you would like to use such as hiding, blurring, dimming etc You can disable the Search engine friendly Even hides videos (when using blur option, colors are dropped for videos) Remembers Likes or +1's by IP address, so returning … [Read more...]