mysql reset root user password Linux

[sam_ad id="45" codes="true"]Hi Guys, Well there are a couple of ways you can do this but I am going to highlight what I use. This sort of stuff is rarely used so this post will end up being my reference as well. Alright lets reset your mySQL Root user password. Steps Login to your *IX server as super administrator, normally called "root" Now stop your mySQL server. I am using RedHat Linux so command will be [crayon-6147ed600872a915054789/] Now start your server in safe mode with --skip-grant-tables option as shown below [crayon-6147ed6008730637776776/] We are connecting to the mysql database here where your mysql users and their credential lives. Now that you are in Run these commands [crayon-6147ed6008732022393505/] Now exit from your mysql shell [crayon-6147ed6008733826382395/] Now stop your mysql server again (step 2). Start your mysql server [crayon-6147ed6008734112476610/] Your password is reset now. Test it by logging into your mysql  server using mysql client as below [crayon-6147ed6008735834916169/] You should be able to login with your new password.     I hope this helps. Cheers … [Read more...]