mySQL CSV to Database Table using SQLYOG

Hi Guys, Today I am gonna show you one really cool feature of SQLYOG, a must have software for mySQL administrator or users. We will be covering how we can import a CSV into a database and create a table automatically. You can rename the table after the import if you like. I now can't think of my life without SQLYOG. All right lets get started. First Fire up SQLYog, have your CSV file ready I believe you are connected to your mysql database where you would like to import your CSV (A connection is not required as such but I always want to see what available before I make a call to import ) Below is what I am going to import I created a folder called importfolder and pasted CSV to be importent in there to keep it simple. There is no limit however you can use any URL. This is me who does few things like that to make my life easy so that I know what I am doing. Ok so Goto Powertools > Import External Data You will get this screen Now Keep "Start New Job" selected and click Next. After you click Next you will see the screen below. Keep the CSV option checked and browse to your CSV file. Here is the real deal. you can actual import more than 1 CSV in one go and convert them to a mySQL table. Ok so Click Next and you will see the screen below Now make sure that you've chosen the right connection and you select the right database. It does not really matter because you are creating something not dropping anything, but I always recommend that you should know where the changes are being made. So with the database selected Click Next Below is the screen that will show up This is important, Now because we are importing our CSV to create a table we will keep the first option checked. If you select the second option you will be asked to input a query that will be used to import or select specific data to be imported. With the first option checked click Next. You will see the screen below This is … [Read more...]