wordpress youtube channel embed plugin

Hello, A couple of week back I wrote a jQuery plugin to embed custom youtube channel on your webpage. I thought it would be good to do a wordpress plugin too to the same. Thus I began this plugin. Now because I've already done few wordpress plugins thus development of this one was a breeze because I already have the jQuery plugin code that I developed and I already have the functions that I wish to use. Purchase Pro version of this plugin today at a very special price! just $14.99  Version 3.0 is out now. ChangeLog: Seamless channel or playlist embed to any Wordpress post with Youtube API v3 6 Months Free email support with Single Site License 1 Year Free email support with Unlimited Site License And much more View PRO Details and Purchase   Plugin name I named this plugin as jcwp youtube channel embed , I thought its a good name :) I am still obsessed putting jc somehow in the plugin name Lets check what the options screen looks like Screenshots A screen shot of the Options page thumbnails mode   Lightboxed video when  thumbnail is clicked   List mode     There are many other options you can control how your videos are displayed. I've intentionally taken out autoplay settings because I think that do not add anything to the usability of the plugin. Options Channel mode This tells the plugin how to render the videos. Thumbnail mode will display static images for your videos and when user clicks on it video lightbox will be shown List|Thumbnails Channel name : This will be the channel name which you wish to include Maximum results Number of videos to display Start Index  Pointer from where the videos should be shown. Handy, if you want to show videos from a given position Filter by keyword Look for keyword in the video title and filter the results Thumbnail width For thumbnail mode Video width Target width of the video Show video title Would you like to … [Read more...]