Free Online speech to text editor

Hello, Yes! I know I am a lazy typist and do not like to type at all. Rather this content that you are reading right now is a copy paste from my experimental site called Before you proceed with the link above please note this point that iSpeakText only works with on Google Chrome Basically this site is a text editor. You can play around with it. The coolest thing about it is that it takes voice commands. There are over 25 voice commands supported. It will take you some time to get used to with this text editor. I will share a video that I have done on how to use this tool. Here is a list of commands that this editor will accept as voice commands.   Voice command What does it do? Delete all When you say "Delete All", everything in your editor will be removed. I mean all the text. Delete last line Deletes the last spoken line Select All All text will be selected so that you can CTRL+C to copy it. You can also say "Delete" after this command to clear everything in your editor. Select last line Selects the last list. This is handy be you can convert your last spoken line to Heading, Bold text, italics etx by saying commands "Header", "Bold", "Italic" etc respectively. Unselect Unselects the selected text Backup Temporary backup. I recommend that you backup your work time to time. You backup stays till you close your browser or your session is Inactive for long. Restore Said something bad. You can restore your backup with speaking this command. Bold Convert selected text to bold. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Italic Convert selected text to italic style. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Header Convert selected text to H1 header. Saying it twice will toggle this style. Find Opens "Find text" dialog box Replace Opens "Replace text" dialog box Link Opens "Link" dialog box Number List Starts numbered list. Follow it … [Read more...]