HTML5 new elements details, time, address, mark, progressbar and meter

Hello, If you haven't already then you may want to read my previous post that highlights some popular HTML5 tags. Link to that post is post is continuation to the previous post and we will touch base on a few more elements and I will tell you which element are no longer part of HTML5 before we jump onto other topics. Ok so lets first of check which elements made their way out  is gone,  Instead use  is gone,  Instead use  is gone,  Instead use CSS styling  is gone,  Instead use CSS style text-align:center , and  were a nuisance and they are dead now, even though you still can use iFrame  Old fashioned way to set text font is gone, instead use CSS styles  is gone, instead use CSS style text-decoration:strikethrough or ,  are dead too. Use CSS styles instead If you know any other element that are gone please let me know, so that I can update above list. Ok so now that we know that above mentioned elements are gone, so it makes more sense not to use them anymore. let's go ahead and check elements like details, time, address, mark, progressbar and meter To know better lets do another web page that will explain their usage. The problem: create profile page showing way to use details, time, address, mark, progressbar and meter element Alright lets build a simple profile page that will show usage of above mentioned tags, We will use them in context. Here is an example with Demo [crayon-662379a1d3500804229736/] Here is a demo for above code. Demo Try it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE10 element is not yet implemented in Internet explorer. A bit explanation on new tags details Well! this is such a powerful addition, at the time of writing only Chrome supports tag. Ask yourself a question, how many time in your web programming career you used javascript to show hide … [Read more...]