HTML5 new elements to define page content and structure

G'day, Following up on my previous post where I give a brief insight on what HTML5 is and I started a cookbook style series to explain few things. The posts will stay to the point and will ask you to explore more. Ok! So lets talk about new elements introduced in HTML5. I will only list most popular ones and are being used now. Here is the list of new elements (this is not a complete list but one that I think you should know at least, please check this resource) - defines an article - header section - website navigation goes here - defines a section on a web page - footer of your website - content that is on side. mainly used for sidebars - Group h1 - h6 when multiple headers are used. - for showing and hiding details of certain information - highlighted text - defines sound content - defines movies or playback content - this is awesome addition and allow you to draw directly on a section on your webpage through Javascript - wraps an image and its description - Caption given to an Image - If you want to host external application written in other languages. (updated from THML4.1)   Ok so thats my list but remember there are heaps of other tags that you should be aware of but elements such as of progress, meter, etc are not supported in Internet explorer. We will talk about canvas element in cool set of tutorials to come. but lets concentrate on few of the above mentioned elements that defines (semantic structure) our web page.  You are not forced to use any of above elements but the mentioned elements gives semantic meaning to your page content. Lets now create a full fledge page using our above mentioned elements, that will give you more understanding how these works. Problem: Create a new page layout using HTML5 elements Ok so cookbook style posts are not there to discuss what each element does but rather focus … [Read more...]