How to download JW Player flash mp4 flv movies

To start with let me tell you that this method works most of the time, and I will use our friendly browser Firefox to do the hard bit i.e. downloading. You can also utilize other browsers too, I haven't personally tried those. There are many other tools available, no doubt about that. But I love to keep things simple for myself so just sharing my approach here. Leave your comments if you think you have a better way to do this, because this will help others including myself. First of all let me touch base on the reasons why we may want to download videos Many video tutorials authors record their videos and won't publish them on Youtube so you can't really use "view it later" function like pro video sites offers. Browser bookmarking can get really messy in no time unless you use some online bookmarking sites, so its easier to maintain a video library locally on your machine You may want to keep a copy to view those when you are not connected to the Matrix, I mean Internet Or you are just a download freak. i.e. you download stuff just for the fun of downloading as your ISP offer massive amount of monthly download quota for you to consume. Anyway lets not waste more time and see what can be done Step 1: Download Firefox Just in case you don't have FireFox then get it here   Step 2: Launch Firefox Launch Firefox and goto Firefox > Addons as shown below   Now in the search field type "Flash Video Downloader" You will see a result that looks like this Click the Install button and once its installed, Restart your Firefox, do not forget this Once FF restarts you will observe that there is a new Icon next to the address bar as shown below Step 3 Goto the URL where video is hosted Type the URL which is hosting video of your interest played by JW Player. Click on the Play button, this will enable our Add-on to detect which file player is getting video data from. You will notice that the Add-on button with … [Read more...]