GoDaddy Promo Codes

Hi Guys, I am pretty sure that you are enjoying some really good deals that I provide from time to time. GoDaddy is one of best Domain registrar and quite affordable too. Below are some current specials and promo codes that you can use to save yourself some dollars.   GoDaddy Discount Codes and links to special deals Get upto 35% discount with .COMs [coupon name="35% off .coms" id="3"] Get upto 28% discount (No Minimum) [coupon name="godaddy 28% offer" id="4"] Get up 50% Off for your SSL Certificates [coupon name="50% off ssl certs" id="6"] $5.99 .COMs [coupon name="godaddy" id="5"]   20% Off New 12+mo Hosting plans   90% off SSL Certificates   20% off 1 year reseller plans 20% off 1 year Reseller plans! We do the work, you earn the cash!   30% Off on Managed hosting from GoDaddy. This Offer won't last Please let me know if any of the above does not work for you so that I can get rid of them. I hope that you will enjoy you saving. I will post some more when they are available. Cheers, … [Read more...]