Blogging Tips: Think out of the Box

Hi Guys, This is my second post for the series I started last week called "Blogging Tips Series". In my First post I covered where to start. If you haven't read that post feel free to hit this link In this post I am going to talk about creativity. Its your creativity that can make you stand out from others. I am still learning art of "being Creative" because its important. If I compare myself to what I am now to what I was couple of years ago. I can see much improvement in the way I think and the way I write. Ok so lets talk about it. You are not required to believe me. I am a strong believer of what my brain tells me. My brain processes lot of information during the day and at the end of the day its time to consolidate that information. I have to confess that I generally try to do atleast 1 post every day. Being a full time employee I only have 4-5 hours later in night to all my posts, because I am a Programmer by profession thus you will find lot of my posts to be Problem-Solution approach, which is not bad at all. I am pretty glad that I am getting generous Traffic. Saturday and Sundays are the best days for me to concentrate on my Ideas, writing and my other websites. Bottom line is that I am always thinking of  how can I improve myself? I think that's the question you should be asking yourself all the time. Let me outline what I do myself. Making optimal use of your brain By this I mean that you are what your brain is. I believe that your brain is the best asset you've been awarded of your good deeds by God. So make use of it. Keep thinking and never give up. You have to believe that just one Good website will change everything for you. Before making any decision on a Topic (it can be anything) never ever give up on thinking and you will see that the result you will get will bring you accolades. Above all I believe thinking or Imagining is fun. Never Hurry deciding what's right … [Read more...]