How to publish a plugin to WordPress Successfully – Step by Step Guide using Tortoise SVN

Hi Guys, I would like to take this opportunity to put this topic on table. Now that I have released my first plugin on Wordpress platform. I can share my experiences with you. I assume that you've got your plugin properly tested and there are no known issues with it. But just so that I am comfortable taking you to the next step please ask your questions below Do you have an account with wordpress? If your answer to above question is NO then create one from here Do you have Tortoise Subversion? If your answer is NO. Then download the tool from here. Do you have "Powered by" by link in your plugin and your plugin does not offer user an option to take it off? Very Bad. Make sure that you give your plugin user an option so that they can turn it On if they wish. Default value of your setting should be Off. In technical or HTML talk your checkbox should be Unchecked. Do you have Readme.txt file in your  plugin directory root? Create one. Follow the instructions from here Ok so now that we have made through the basic checklist. Next thing we would like to do is to create a Plugin Submission request Click on the URL below and create one for your plugin. In a good time a wordpress enthusiast will get back to you normally within few hours after your plugin request submission. Ok so here is the URL In the plugin URL field you can either point to a webpage where an admin can download your plugin from or you can put a link directly to your ZIP file. I will recommend the latter. Now that you've create the request, wait till you get an approval from Wordpress. When you get an Approval you will get an email something similar to one shown below Your plugin hosting request has been approved. Within one hour, you will have access to your SVN repository … [Read more...]