Australian Suburbs Database with longitude and latitude GEO data

As a part of my research I end up creating some really useful databases. I wanted to give them for FREE for a start but then I thought how am I going to recover my server cost which runs in few 100 $s every year. I then decided to sell them instead. Before I continue, I would like to tell you that these releases are officially available under License from PediaSoft I.T. The company that I formed. I am distributing it from this website because I've assigned that right to myself :) Product is called iSuburbLocator Below is the diagram illustrating relationship between Suburb State and Country tables   So as you see in the above picture that its really nice relationship that you got here. Let me address few frequently asked questions   Q. Alright it sounds good but how can I trust this data. A. You don't have to buy it until you've tested it. An online demo is available from here so that you can try this database. Q. I've realized that I bought this database in error. What now? A. We do not offer refunds. Q. When are the updates issued? A. Every 6-12 months if there are any. Online Demo For online demo for this data set please click on the link below Click here to load demo (opens in new window) Where can I buy this data base If you are happy with what you saw then visit my shop to buy this dataset. This database is officially released by PediaSoft I.T. the company that I formed. I am selling this database from this site however the data is Licensed by Pediasoft I.T. To read the License please visit the URL given below What am i going to get MySQL queries to create and insert database records. CSV Files (If you wish to fill data from the CSV) Database with 3 tables. One for Australian States and second for State's suburbs and third for Country (Active country: Australia only). Only covers Australian PostCode data Shop now … [Read more...]