Wondershare Coupon code plus AllMyTube Tutorial

Hi Guys, I came across WonderShare through one of my friend and since then I am a fan of the simple and straight forward tools that they provide. So I decided to write this post on one of their tools that is called AllMyTube. If you are a massive Youtube user or Vimeo user then this tool could be for you. I can list few things that I use this tool for. Backing up my Videos Download lengthy Videos that I want to watch later Convert my Videos to Audio formats like mp3. Maintain a Library of Vids that interests me. But you can do much more. Here is a quick Video tutorial by my on AllMyTube httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5podqSE2iDM The software is split in 3 sections basically Downloads Library Converter Lets check what each section means Downloads Software is really smart with download video downloads. Say if you are watching a Youtube video and you want to watch it later, no problems! If you have already installed supported browser plugin then just hover on the video and when you hover you will notice that a black button at top right corner will appear, You click on that button and download the video at your selected resolution. If you don't have the browser plugin installed then Copy the video URL and Click Paste URL button under Downloading section and your  video will automatically starts to download. Once downloaded it will appear under your library section. as shown below  Library Under library I can do few things like Convert a Video to my preferred media type Delete an existing Video that I no longer want. Share my Videos on Facebook or Twitter and other handy things That's really cool. In other way I am maintaining a Custom Library in my own media format which I can either watch or listen later when I don't have say internet. I can carry them with my phone and tablet, no need to worry about anything. Quick and easy. Alright Now the most important bit and … [Read more...]