WordPress Add extra meta links for your plugin on Installed Plugin page

  Hi Guys, Before you get confused on what I am going to say or write about let me show you a screenshot that is what we will be discussing in this blog post. Alright, So see those Links that appear besides my name Contact me Purchase Pro We are just going to look at how to do those The filter that we need to do this is called plugin_row_meta - that is responsible to handle meta links added to the plugin description on the plugin page. Here is the definition or line of code that you will be including in your plugin file. [crayon-66235ffadfa85951552013/]   Now we will write our my_plugin_link function as shown below, remember that accepted arguments for our function is 2, First one is array of Links and second is Plugin file Function Now lets check what our filter function looks like [crayon-66235ffadfa8b919837164/]   And that's pretty much it. Just add a few more links to that $links array and you will see that they will be appended to the plugin meta links that you see on plugins page. I hope that this helps you. Just in case the above mentioned code can be improved, leave your comments Cheers … [Read more...]