[Solved] bootbox.js show ajax html data inside the dialog

Hi Guys

Just a quick one here if you are using a library called bootbox.js in your project. This library does not make ajax request automatically if you wish to load some data from your server to show within your dialog window. Instead, you can do something like this.

Example below assume that you are using jQuery, but logic still applies to other similar libraries too.

You can replace

with you own custom path and make other changes.

It can take a while sometimes to get the data back from the server. So its always a good idea to show a preloader while your request is being handled by the server.

I hope this helps.



  1. hi jaspreet. thank u for all your good efforts here.

    i just tried http://ispeaktext.com/. it is more accurate in recognizing speech than other apps i’ve used. only problem is that it only creates text of up to about 6 or 7 words. then i have to once again click and allow the use of mic. can u help?
    was glad to find this app, because for some reason other voice to text apps (like those on chrome) are not recognizing the built in mic on this laptop i’m now using. the mic is enabled, but the apps don’t recognize it.

    best wishes,
    j c

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