[Solved] Application loader is currently unavailable. Directory Services reported the following error: Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly. (-20101)

G’Day Fellas

It is now a day to day thing to learn something new with regards to my iPhone iPad App uploads/updates.


I for some reason forgot my iTunes members password and then I reset it only to find out that my Application Loader wont run because it store old authentication somewhere [fair enough!].

Worst thing is that it does not provide me with an option to change my Apple ID or password from within the Application Loader.

Below is what I see when I get the Authentication failed error. Well the title of the below shown screenshot should say that Application loader is currently unavailable, just to clarify this I took this screenshot only after I fixed my problem and then re-launched it with wrong password. But you get the Idea.


Then I found out that It does store your old authentication as a KeyChain Access token which you will need to remove in order to enter your Apple ID and Password.

Below screen grab shows where it store your application password.


So below are the steps that you need to follow

  1. Quit your Application loader if it is opened.
  2. Goto KeyChain Access
  3. Delete email address that is used as your Apple ID
  4. Re-launch you Application Loader

You should now be able to re-enter your Apple ID and password

Hope this helps


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