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Hi Guys,

I am really pleased to let you guys know about this awesome product called SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack.

The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack is a new iPhone/iPod Touch charging device that will keep your iPhone/iPod Touch powered up for days! That’s right. It will.

Here is a screenshot for this product.

The case has an internal extra-large battery that triples your iPhone life and its integrated solar panel also allows you to charge with sunlight or indoor light which is really quite pleasing because I loose my iPhone power more quickly than my wife :).

The device whether its your iPhone or iPad, charges very fast (three times faster than a wall charger) by utilizing its revolutionary Rapid Charging Technology.

The case also has a built-in flashlight and comes with three free screen protectors which is icing on the Cake. Not only can you use it as a fast-charging power pack on the go, but also you can choose to keep it on full time as a protective charging case. No other charging accessory in the world will keep you as connected as a SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack!

Now that you know what I am talking about and most of the above stuff is taken from their website anyway. My purpose is to give you few links which will end up saving you few $$s which is really really important in this Global recession sort of thingo.

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Hopefully you will save some $$s, Stay tuned though because whenever a new promotion from Sol You’ll see it here first.


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