Skype Remove Status update or mood history

Hi Guys,

So again I posted something really bad as my mood message and I thought I should remove it just to find out that I cannot do that because that is not supported. I can delete my friend’s messages but can’t delete my own.

So what next.

Here is quick and dirty trick to get rid of you mood messages. On a side note it is really not possible to delete individual message.

Step 1. Quit Skype

Step 2 From your windows PC goto

If Appdata folder is not visible then from your windows explorer goto

Step 3 Rename keyval.db to keyval.db_org


Step 4 Start Skype again and you will see that your mood messages no longer exists.

When you start skype again a new keyval.db file will be created you can always restore your original by quitting skype and deleting the new keyval.db file and renaming your old keyval.db file from keyval.db_org to keyval.db and starting skype again


I hope this helps




  1. Martin Brundin says

    Thanks, but I find these posts useless unless you just want to hide mood message for your own eyes… if that is the problem. For me what I care about is that others users cant see my old mood messages. And for that this fix does not help at all..

  2. Hi! I have this same problem but I use Linux Ubuntu,
    someone help me

  3. I tried that. I can’t see the status anymore, but my contacts still do. So watch out!
    I googled this a lot, there seems to be no way to actually remove those messages.

  4. The Mac user instructions didn’t work for me. In my application support folder, there is no skype folder.

  5. Thank you for this. It surprises me that we have to go to these lengths to erase them, when it could be included in the program so easily.

    Hans – I’m a Mac user, and this works for me:

    Library/Application Support/Skype/YourSkypeName/
    Then simply delete the keyval.db file.

    It will create another one, if and when you decide to enter a mood update again. If you want to be rid of that one too, just go through the motions again.

    Best to you both!

    • Thanks Skye. This information will be very handy for Mac Users.

    • im a mac user and i have messages (IM) on my Skype that i don’t want to delete but i want to delete my stauts updates, by using this trick does it erase anything else part form the stauts? because i don’t want to lose my IM’s
      Thanks 🙂

      • I am pretty sure that your Skype IMs are stored in main.db (file) which you will find in the same folder as I mentioned in this post. So I am sure that messing up with keyval.db don’t really mess up your IMs.
        So I guess before you do anything I will recommend to backup of your Skype data folder.

    • @Skye thank youuuuuuu so much!!! 🙂

  6. Hans Bronneman says


    Nice solution for a nasty problem. But what can a Mac-user do about it?


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