Australian Streets database with Lng/Lat, City and State Info. Single Server License




v2.1 is now out (May 10 2017)

much more stable data
– This is an updated version to what you have already, however with over 1737 correction made to the data
– hundreds of new street names added, taking official verified count to 231,000+

When you buy this Product you get

  1. CSV and SQL to generate: Australian Streets with Longitude and Latitude value and street display name
  2. CSV and SQL to generate: City table
  3. CSV and SQL to generate State table
  4. CSV and SQL to generate Country table with Australia as Active country.


  1. DO NOT trust the ID field in CSV, make your own row IDs, ID field is bound to change
  2. This is not an Address Correction software
  3. This database has over 231,000+ Street names
  4. This database should not be treated as a complete set, there are potentially many thousands of street names still waiting to be added and once they are available, they will be added.

Please be aware that this is not full list of Streets available in Australia. The database contains over 231,000+ rows with 97% accuracy guaranteed.


License will be valid for single server. If you are looking to install this database on multiple servers please go with unlimited server option.


A License file is included;


Once paid you will be able to download this product a total of 3 times so make a copy for yourself. Download link will expire after 90 days.


If you have any questions please let me know.

You must read this to get better understanding on street names products.




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(Demo data has CSV files only)

Please note: NO REFUND will be issued because of Accidental purchase or DID NOT LIKE syndrome




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