PHP Find pages Indexed by Bing for a domain example

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In the previous post I showed you how to get pages indexed by Google. We used function file_get_contents() to get page as HTML and then parse it to extract the value that we are interested in.


This post is pretty much the same logic with only difference that we will be using CURL to get the contents and the parse it

Pages indexed by Bing can be quickly checked with query and the Number that we are interested in is directly under the search box with value something like this “1231123 Results

This post shows you how to extract that value.

The PHP Code snippet

Here is a function that you can include in your utility class or just





Using the above function as per the previous post is quite save and is shown below

Bing does not have any API as such that can give you this value. So this is kinda workaround. If I am wrong to say this please correct me.

I hope that this helps


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