Photoshop CS5 Keyboard different color key


To start with I am not a Photoshop Pro as my primary job is of a Programmer but I am an enthusiast that like to play with Photoshop as a hobby. I like editing my son’s and my wife’s pictures. But sometimes to understand Photoshop better I will do something that could be useful to understand.

The technique in this post is to transform a keyboard key to a different color.

I thus have created a Video to highlight what I did. I am not claiming that this is the best technique or the only technique but for me it worked. So if you are a photoshop expert then please let me know how I can improve on my technique.

Ok so an example keyboard image before I edited it looks like this

and after edit it will look like this

keyboard after editing

You can follow step by step instructions from the video that I created. I think its better to explain it that way rather than to write a long post where sometimes I end up missing a step or two.

Video Tutorial

Please let me know how did I do with the Vid? I know I kinda mess up sometimes because of the nervousness while recording.

I am working on wordpress plugin which I will be releasing either tomorow to the day after.

I hope that you enjoyed this information share, thats what I call it rather than tutorial because for me I label my post as tutorial when I think I know 100% about the topic. Photoshop is not my forte so I won’t claim expertise.

But this Keyboard key highlighting effect with different color was awesome thing to learn and do it all by myself.

I will see you tomorow with another post




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