Installing YAF php framework and getting /usr/include/php/ext/pcre/php_pcre.h:29:18: error: pcre.h: No such file or directory on Centos 6+

Hi Guys, Yaf framework appears to be the fastest framework around, logically so because its built with C and compiled in a PHP extension. While installing Yaf, I ran into a problem where it seems like make was complaining about pcre.h missing … [Continue reading]

Config file “/etc/amavisd.conf” does not exist

Hi guys, A quick tip If you get this error either trying to showkeys  or any other action using amavisd You can quickly fix that Generally amavisd.conf file reside under /etc/ but on many distros it can be found … [Continue reading]

Linux Find files newer than certain date and time

Yeah I know generally we pretty much always want to find older files but there are some use cases where finding newer files than a certain date time is a requirement. Ok being no where near to your Linux expertise, I will show you how I do it, you … [Continue reading]

Google MarkerClusterer Handling Multiple Markers On Same Geo Location

When you are dealing with addresses on Google Maps there are times when you have multiple addresses for a same location. For example if you live in a building with 200+ apartments, building address remains the same but you also add apartment number … [Continue reading]

How to clear DNS Cache in Windows small business server 2011 or windows 2008 r2

Clear DNS cache

G'day While I do not write on Windows server too often but here is that once in a blue moon article or you can assume a quick tip on how to clear DNS cache, Reason can be any but sometimes we have to do it. Locally we will just … [Continue reading]

5 best jQuery radio button and checkbox styling plugins

Sometimes its good to utilize great work done by different authors working in different fields rather than reinventing the wheel again and again. There are awesome Git projects that people are working collaboratively to produce something really … [Continue reading]

ExtJS Grid Multi-line rows

Extjs multiline grid example

Yes, I heard you saying why there is no option or setting to force cell to wrap. Good news is that its very easy to achieve this. Without me wasting much of you valuable time lets jump straight to the point. Lets form a grid first. ExtJS Grid … [Continue reading]

PHP convert timezones

Hi Guys, Just a quick tip here. There are times when you would like to convert a Timezone (say America/New_York) to another Timezone (say UTC) With classes such as DateTime and DateTimeZone available from php 5.2+ this task has become piece … [Continue reading]

Google Maps How to do a KML Layer overlay fill

Hi Guys, Now that I am experimenting with Google Maps I thinks its about time to write a few articles. This is the first one in the series to follow in coming weeks. This post covers how to draw a KML Layer overlay using Google Maps. Good thing … [Continue reading]

How to download JW Player flash mp4 flv movies

To start with let me tell you that this method works most of the time, and I will use our friendly browser Firefox to do the hard bit i.e. downloading. You can also utilize other browsers too, I haven't personally tried those. There are many other … [Continue reading]