mysql reset root user password Linux

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Well there are a couple of ways you can do this but I am going to highlight what I use.

This sort of stuff is rarely used so this post will end up being my reference as well.

Alright lets reset your mySQL Root user password.


  1. Login to your *IX server as super administrator, normally called “root”
  2. Now stop your mySQL server.
    I am using RedHat Linux so command will be
  3. Now start your server in safe mode with –skip-grant-tables option as shown below

    We are connecting to the mysql database here where your mysql users and their credential lives.
  4. Now that you are in Run these commands
  5. Now exit from your mysql shell
  6. Now stop your mysql server again (step 2).
  7. Start your mysql server
  8. Your password is reset now. Test it by logging into your mysql  server using mysql client as below
  9. You should be able to login with your new password.



I hope this helps.


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