Linux Find files newer than certain date and time

Yeah I know generally we pretty much always want to find older files but there are some use cases where finding newer files than a certain date time is a requirement.

Ok being no where near to your Linux expertise, I will show you how I do it, you can show your approach to this problem by leaving your comment

First step

Create a random file with a timestamp as shown below

Second Step

We will now find our files that are newer than the timestamp of our dummy file as shown below

If you want to show timestamps too with the listed file here is a modification to above command

Showing timestamps

As said this is just one of a few approaches that you can use. With newer version of *ix you should also be able to use

command line switch. To get more details on find command either use >man find or browse to to find more options that you can use.

I hope this helps. Also a very happy new year 2014


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