jQuery Plugin to Generate Google plus one +1 buttons

Hi Guys,

For a new project of mine there were couple of requirements which gave birth to a couple of useful jQuery code snippets or in other words plugins.

One of them is called jcPlusBtn.js

This is a little jQuery code that you can use as a plugin that will page Google Plus button on any HTML element, callbacks are supported.

Lets get started

The jQuery Code


The Markup

What we need is pretty much a DIV or any other container element to place our Google Plus button.





This plugins is  rather easy to use and an example of this is shown below


Its that simple actually.


Nothing is complete without a demo. See this plugin in action here



If you like this Plugin, please consider donating

You can choose your own amount. Developing this plugin like these toke a lot of effort and time; days and weeks of continuous voluntary unpaid work.
If you like this plugin or if you are using it for commercial websites, please consider a donation to the author to
help support future updates and development.

        Main uses of Donations

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  4. Motivation for Continuous Improvements



This plugin is available under MIT license You can read it here



Code is hosted on Google Code and you can find it here


There were couple of more things that I would have liked to do with the callbacks, but I have left it to you to handle the callback properly.

I hope that this helps, Don’t forget to donate if it does 🙂



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