JaspreetChahal.org Toolbar

Hi Guys,

I am pleased to announce general availability of Toolbar that you can install on your Browser.

Get our toolbar!

This Toolbar is only compatible with

  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer

Why ToolBar?

Well Idea was to give quick access to some pages of my Blog. And for you references sometimes we end up forgetting about a site where we visited some time ago but if that site (in our case http://jaspreetchahal.org) is always available to you via your browser then you can get to my Blog instantly.

There are other reasons as well

  1. RSS feeds now are available to you right from the toolbar.
  2. My Tweets are now available from the Toolbar too.
  3. Quick access to pages that gives you Coupons and discount codes.
  4. Search my Blog for a topic
  5. A click to take you to jaspreetchahal.org home page.

So don’t wait Download and install it now

Get our toolbar!


This Toolbar is created with Alexa Toolbars.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Use the Contact form to get in touch with me. Topic can be as simple as  “Hay Jas! Can you add another page to your Toolbar” Or as big as “Man! I hate it just ditch this Idea and do something cool” 🙂


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