iTunes iPhone iPad App how to re-submit when status is waiting for review

Hi Guys,

Confessions first, Yup I made my millionth mistake today by uploading an incomplete branch build for an App that I developed for my current employer.

Where to go from now.


App status said “Your application is waiting for review”. I was really pissed at myself

But thankfully I found out that I could reject my uploaded binary myself because it was not in review it made perfect sense to do it and upload the right binary.

So this is what I am going to share with you:  how to reject your own binary.

First login to your iTunes portal and then go to Manage your Applications

Click on the App that is waiting for review

If you already have version that is live on iTunes you will see something like this

Click on View Details button for the version that is waiting for review


From the next page Click on Binary details  as shown below


You will see a page similar to one below


Just Click on “Reject this Binary” button and your Binary will not be reviewed.

Only side effect with this is that when you upload your Binary again it will be placed at the end of the processing queue.

But I guess thats Ok if you mistake is corrected before making it to public.

I hope this helps

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