Introducing Commenting Guidelines on

Hi Guys,

I’ve been busy deleting so many comments lately and un-approving them because of these reasons.

I’m making some changes to the rules for commenting on the posts in order to keep the quality on the Blog right up there.

Ok so lets go through this

  1. One liners will not be approved. If you would like to thanks then there should be no Link to your website. You are free to say thanks. I thank you too for reading my Blog. Some people are just exploiting this.

  2. Comments with keywords in the name will not be approved . I like to replying to a human beings. So I would rather say “Thanks Kamal!” rather than writing “Thanks ABC hosting”
  3. Links to non relevant, illegal stuff, sites, will mark for instant deletion.
  4. If Topic is about Google Drive and you are posting about 5 start hotel in Hawaii. Off topic. Rejected!
  5. Posting Ads. I will accept them when I launch my another blog called spammerswelcome dot com.
  6. Well I know that you are looking for a back link. Thus when you copy stuff from others or your post does not make any sense will be removed.
  7. Comments with link in the comment, will not be approved if the link isn’t relevant for the post or comments.
  8. Well You land on a page while searching for it. I know that most of the time when I write in full conscious I do a good job so why tell me “Good Job bro!”. I’ll except that only if there is no link in the comment.
  9. Comments depicting abuse or hatred will not be accepted. I love all religions but before that I love all human beings.


Ok so if above does not make any sense you shouldn’t comment 🙂

But take it easy I love you guys and so you should respect my time too.