Installing New Comodo Positive SSL Certificate on Apache and OpenSSL on Centos, Fedora and RedHat


I had to buy a certificate and install it on my new server

I was issued with a new certificate by Comodo under Comodo Positive SSL. To start with I think it doesn’t matter which certificate you choose, end of the day they all follow pretty much same standards and the only thing that make a certificate expensive is a company or issuing authority such as thwate (expensive).

I personally always choose a cheapest certificate on market.

Anyway with latest certificate I received 4 files in an archive as shown below


You could just install a certificate by adding

and it will work on some browsers but you would need intermediate cert as well. Here is what always gets me. With latest PositiveSSL They give us 3 files which we need to combine and feed it to

So to do that you will run this command

Considering that all you files are under /home/crt/2014 folder our final VirtualHost confg will look like this


Once you made above change, don’t forget to restart your apache service generally located as /etc/init.d/httpd restart on Centos and Red Hat OS

If you have any comment or would like to point out any error please leave your comments.


  1. Hello, just wanted to thank you for the tutorial. It seems to be working perfect. I search for a while on install Positive SSL certs and most of the ones I found did not seem to work how I needed. Thanks again.

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