How to remove duplicate rows based on duplicate values of column in mySQL

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The quickest one is to write a query that does that or else write a script that will remove your duplicates.

Lets check on how we can achieve this using a query and introducing a UNIQUE index on our solumn

Say for example I have a table as shown below


And I have data such as the one shown below

(lat, lng columns removed)

id street_name city_id state_id display_name last_modified_on
1434419 Moorefields Rd 224 2 Moorefields Road, Sydney NSW 2209, Australia 1359946138
1434420 Kingsgrove Rd 701 2 Kingsgrove Road, Clemton Park NSW 2206, Australia 1359946139
1434421 Dewar St 13260 8 Dewar Street, Armadale WA 6112, Australia 1359946140
1434423 Dewar St 13151 8 Dewar Street, Morley WA 6062, Australia 1359946142
1434424 Dewar St 9793 4 Dewar Street, Point Arkwright QLD 4573, Australia 1359946143
1434425 Dewar St 13929 8 Dewar Street, Lake Grace WA 6353, Australia 1359946144
1434426 Dewar St 681 2 Dewar Street, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia 1359946145
1434428 Dewar St 10990 4 Dewar Street, Mission Beach QLD 4852, Australia 1359946147
1434429 Anglo Rd 342 2 Anglo Road, Greenwich NSW 2065, Australia 1359946148
1434430 Anglo Rd 681 2 Anglo Road, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia 1359946150
1434445 Anglo Rd 681 2 Anglo Road, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia 1359946150
1434450 Anglo Rd 681 2 Anglo Road, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia 1359946150

As you can see that entry Anglo Road, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia

is repeated three times and data other than my row ID is pretty much the same so how do I get rid of duplicates

Here is a quick query to do that


mySQL query

This will remove my duplicates rows. Most important part of above query is using ALTER with IGNORE

More details can be found here

But to wrap things up this here is a quick explanation from above page

IGNORE is a MySQL extension to standard SQL. It controls how ALTER TABLE works if there are duplicates on unique keys in the new table or if warnings occur when strict mode is enabled. If IGNORE is not specified, the copy is aborted and rolled back if duplicate-key errors occur. If IGNORE is specified, only the first row is used of rows with duplicates on a unique key. The other conflicting rows are deleted. Incorrect values are truncated to the closest matching acceptable value.


I hope this helps



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