How to get Pinterest Numeric Board ID

Hi Guys,

It used to be easy to get Pinterest board ID before, but for some reason they have buried that sort of information within source,

A while back I wrote something that wouldn’t use the Pinterest official/unofficial API but parse the HTML source code to extract the board ID. I was using that for myself but today I thought maybe others will find it handy on occasions.

This led me port the code and beautify it using a StartBootstrap theme, thus was born. Little tool just to parse that source code and give your the board ID you are looking for.

Get Pinterest Numerci board ID

Using this tool is simple. Just enter a valid board URL and a numeric board ID will be displayed somewhere in big text just above word Simple.

Let me know if you want to add something to this tool or its giving you an error when you least expected it.

This tool is written using PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and use curl to query board URL’s

Good luck.


  1. does this work for secret boards?

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