How to deactivate jetpack comments system

Hi Guys,

With new Jetpack release after WordPress 3.4 was released, Jetpack comes with some really good updates.

One of them is their comments handling. If you have enabled their new comment system and didn’t like what you saw you can choose to Deactivate the new comment system all together

Lets deactivate Jetpack comments step by step

First Goto Jetpack modules as shown below

Jetpack disable comments

Now once you are in then click on Learn more button on comments module as shown below

Jetpack learn more



When you click on that button Configure button will change to Deactivate as shown below


Once you deactivate your Jetpack comment system you will receive the following message and the learn more button will become activate

jetpack deactivate message


That’s pretty much it. Your Jetpack comments systems now is gone, but you can always Activate it in case you want it back.

I hope this helps





  1. comparebrand says

    when someone submitting comment it shows 404 error. How one can fix it?

  2. Demifantasy says

    tks bro, it is easy, but it helps 😀

  3. Thanks …!!!! brother you solved my problem

  4. Thank you, Thank you!!! Got to love how they make it easy to enable and virtually impossible to find how to turn it off 😉

  5. Thanks a bunch for this. I was close to finding the button myself, but I middle clicked on “Learn More” and it brought me to, so I didn’t see the deactivate button

  6. Thanks man! Never would have noticed that the button changes.

  7. I was bugging myself very hard to find out. Some how some spammers were able to penetrate through jetpack comments. Unfortunately Jetpack comments does not allow captcha. Hence needed to go back to WordPress default comment system.
    Thank you

  8. says

    Thanks for useful information, now i could deactive comment

  9. says

    Thank you. Good information.

    I think this is a design failure done by WordPress team.

  10. Thanks for the tip, was in a panic when I installed it and didn’t see a deactivate button. 🙂

  11. GOD THANK YOU!!!!! Geez.. I feel like a total blonde right now. You just saved my business 😉

  12. When I click in the “More details” button on Jetpack comments system it only shows me a window under that button line that deals with: “Jetpack Comments enables your visitors to use their, Twitter, or Facebook accounts when commenting on your site.

    Jetpack tries to match your site’s color scheme automatically, but you can make manual adjustments at the bottom of the Discussion Settings page.” and there is a button in the right top with which I can close that window but the deactivate button doesn’t show.

  13. Thanks Jaspreet sir , i was searching in Jetpack settings but they have made the Jetpack bit complicated. Nice webdesign.

  14. Imran Hunzai says

    Thanks JC. That was helpful!

  15. Thank you for this great tip Jas!

  16. Thanks it works on my website

    Can you help me my problem is i want to show jatpack share buttons on my website horizontally. I not found this option in jatpack

  17. Jolene Bertoldi says

    Thanks this worked for me – I was also getting the 404 error when trying to submit a comment. Anyone have any idea why this might have been happening?

  18. Unfortunately the disable button doesn’t show up… What a bummer, because my whole comments section disappeared and now I have to shut down my whole jetpack… Any other suggestions?

  19. Michael Bright says

    Thanks a lot, it works. I was feeling annoyed when searching deactivated button.

  20. Never would have fond it… After you click learn that area is a blind spot 🙂 think there’s a good UI/UX lesson to learn there Cheers, Bogdan

  21. Carisa Carlton says

    Didn’t work for me…the configure button just directs me to: wp-admin/options-discussion.php#jetpack-comments-settings where I cannot disable it. Really don’t like the comments feature on jetpack.

  22. Thanks a bunch for this. I didn’t realize it was clashing with commentluv and not allowing anyone to comment.

    Glad it’s gone now. 🙂

  23. Ya, that stuff is not good. It looks bad, my aweber form there refused to work. I had to remove it and that was what brought me to this great blog.

  24. The new comments redirected to a 404 error page when someone tried to post a comment. Other than that Love it!

  25. thanks a lot…i don’t like the jetpack comment cause it disable my commentluv

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