How to clear DNS Cache in Windows small business server 2011 or windows 2008 r2


While I do not write on Windows server too often but here is that once in a blue moon article or you can assume a quick tip on how to clear DNS cache,

Reason can be any but sometimes we have to do it. Locally we will just use

to flush local DNS issue but on the server side here is how its done

Step 1


Start > Administrative tools > DNS

You will see all your zones including forwards, reverse lookups and conditional forwards.

To view Cached lookup goto

View > Advanced

Now you will see an entry called Cached lookups appear as shown in image below

Clear DNS cache

Gobind is my server name.

Step 2 (Clear DNS cache)

From here on there are 2 ways you can clear your cache.

  1. Either select Cached lookups entry and then Goto Action > Clear cache  as shown below

    server 2008r2 dns cache clear


  2. Right click on Cached lookups entry and then left click Clear cache from cotext menu as shown below

    Clear dns cache step 2


You don’t have to restart your DNS service. You can then Right click > Refresh to see if caches are gone, they will 🙂

I hope this helps, In case you would like to leave your input, do so by leaving your comments.






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