how long does it take to get iPhone app approved and show up in App store iTunes?

Ok this is the question that pop up in every developers brain when they are working on or have finished their iPhone/iPad app.

First of all let me tell you that if all depends how busy Apple review team is.

You should check the throughput of the review team. Recently when I submitted my App to Apple for review the throughput was 99% for September.

What this means is that I was virtually guaranteed that the App will be reviewed within 7 days (estimate only) but instead it got reviewed within 4 days. Here are some stats for my personal submissions

Apps Complexity: Normal
Legalities (such as copyrights issues): None
Avergare review time taken for each App: 5 days
iTunes Availability: within 1 day after Approval.

So I would say that lot depends on the complexity of your App and how heavy it is. I guess if it is a business App chances of Approval are quite high on first submission, but don’t take my word, you have to comply with the long list of rules set by Apple for your App, If you App fails on any single one of them then your App will be rejected.

Rough estimates vary from 4 days to 20 days for your application to get reviewed and further 2-few hours  for it to be included in iTunes store considering that all goes well.

Keep in mind, It all depends on app’s complexity, app content, app legal implication for Apple such as if you are using any copyrighted material then you could be asked for proof that you have permission to show the copyrighted content in your App or if your app stream music then off course you will need to present legal docs to say that you own the rights to broadcast such and such song etc etc.

I found that the Apple’s initial estimation on their site is quite reliable (3-6 weeks), but again, that’s not always the case.

Finally I have to say that there is no simple and straight forward answer to when your App will be reviewed because there are so many things that could go wrong thus delaying you App, because say for example of your App got rejected and they want you to change something then after you resubmit your changes then your App will again find itself at end of reviewing queue.

You can share your experiences via adding your comments so that others can benefit from them.

I’ve also written an article about that defines checklist for your App pre-submission.


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  1. Tommy Tornroos says

    We have several apps that have each taken roughly 10-15 business days to be approved.

    We have a Mac App Store application called SproutConverter that cleans video distortion
    We have an iTunes App Store game called SpeedTouch that is a reaction time and speed game
    Finally we have another iTunes App Store game called Cave Flyer which is kind of like those old TI-84 games like helicopter

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