How long does it take for an App to be approved and available in the Android and Amazon Market?

Some questions that has possible answers below:

  1. android market is not showing my published application
  2. My app not appearing in Android Market
  3. Android Market not working
Same question, different ways to ask 🙂
Fir of all lets answer  “How long does it take for an App to be approved and available in the Android and Amazon Market?”

Quick answer from my experience

  1. Android Market (roughly Instantly i.e. In between 3-5 minutes)
  2. Amazon Droid market (roughly 1 hour – 5 days)
What if it doesn’t show up instantly even though the status of you application shows up as Published
Here are quick tips from me
  1. In your manifest file check if all support screen setting is correct i.e. something like this

  2. Check if the sdk version is properly set e.g.

    If the above value is too high then that could be the issue
  3.  Check if your apk build does not have a /lib folder
  4. Do NOT forget to hit Save button at the top for Google Android Market.
  5. One Last thing make sure that you put a decent description to the App. I am not sure if that works or not but let me tell ya, It could be timing but when I released my first App to Droid market it had on 1 Line of description but then I wrote some more lines to make it like 300 characters+ And within a minute It was up and running. Now this could be totally a timing thing, but I did not retest the time it took to make my app live by removing the extra description that I wrote to see what happens as I didn’t want to take a Chance 🙂
I hope this helps

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